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Choosing the right shrubs and bushes is important for both appearance and functionality in your landscape design. These plants help increase your home’s curb appeal by providing color and beauty from spring through fall.

Here are 14 attractive flowering shrubs and bushes to enhance your curb appeal.


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Certain lilac varieties quickly reach a mature height of 10-12 feet with a spread of about 6 feet. They bloom impressively in the spring and require full sun and well-draining soil, making them excellent privacy shrubs that add color and fragrance to gardens.

Shrub Rose

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Shrub roses bloom from late spring until the first hard freeze. These hardy, disease-resistant plants come in various colors and fragrances, thriving in full sun in zones 5-8, and are ideal for adding enduring color to gardens.


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Azaleas have beautiful, vibrant spring blooms, and some varieties feature evergreen foliage. They prefer slightly acidic, well-drained soil and flourish in both sunny and partially shaded areas.


A close up of White flowers of a common privet (Ligustrum vulgare) hedge.
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Commonly used for both formal and informal hedges, privets grow 1-2 feet per year and can reach up to 12-15 feet but are easily trimmed to any desired height. They are adaptable to a wide range of soil and light conditions.


American Holly (Ilex opaca) at Brinka Cross Gardens.
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Many holly types are chosen for privacy screens due to their quick growth, reaching heights of 15-25 feet. Their dense, dark green foliage and red winter berries provide year-round garden interest.


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Forsythia bushes are known for their bright yellow blooms that appear before the leaves in early spring. Growing 2-4 feet annually, they can reach heights of 8-10 feet and are often used as a colorful privacy barrier.


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Fast-growing hydrangea varieties like ‘Annabelle’ can quickly form a dense, flowering hedge, with individual plants ranging from 3 to 10 feet in height and spread. Their distinctive blooms are also a landscape highlight.


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Weigela shrubs grow 1-2 feet per year, with some varieties reaching up to 6 feet. Their pink to red flowers in spring and early summer attract pollinators and make for an attractive hedge.

Mock Orange

mock orange
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Mock orange shrubs are known for their rapid growth and lush foliage, growing up to 2 feet annually and reaching heights of 10-12 feet. Their fragrant white flowers in late spring or early summer create a delightful garden oasis.

Orange Jessamine

Murraya paniculata. Common name: Orange Jasmine. Mock Orange.
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This fast-growing evergreen averages 1-2 feet of growth per year and produces fragrant white flowers that resemble orange blossoms. It can grow up to 10-12 feet tall and is ideal for a dense privacy hedge.

Cherry Laurel

Prunus laurocerasus Otto Luyken shrub in bloom.
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With a rapid growth rate of up to 2 feet per year, cherry laurel can quickly form a dense screen and can be pruned to desired heights and shapes. It grows up to 15-20 feet tall and adapts well to various conditions.

Butterfly Bush

butterfly bush
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This bush attracts butterflies with its fragrant flowers from summer to fall, thriving in full sun and well-drained soil, and reaching heights of up to 10 feet in zones 5-9.


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Camellias are evergreens that excel in cooler months, offering color and foliage when other plants may not.


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The hibiscus is notable for its large, vibrant flowers, adding a tropical touch to gardens. It thrives in full sun to partial shade and reaches heights of 4-6 feet in zones 9-12.

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