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Crafting with wine bottles is both enjoyable and practical, offering a fantastic opportunity to repurpose those empty containers. Rather than throwing away empty bottles, you can repurpose them creatively.

If you have a collection of empty wine bottles waiting to be used, here are a few craft ideas you’ll love.

1. Yarn Wrapped Wine Bottles

Yarn Wrapped Bottles
Image Credit: Amber Oliver

Wrap your wine bottles with yarn to easily repurpose them into home décor. You can choose any single color or a mix of colors to achieve the look you want.

Make this Craft: Yarn Wrapped Wine Bottles

2. Frosted Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Frosted Wine Bottle with series light
Image Credit: Sustain My Craft Habit

Make a frosted wine bottle centerpiece to add elegance to your table. With the lights inside the bottle, it will be a creative way to bring warmth to the space.

Make this Craft: Frosted Wine Bottle Centerpiece

3. Faux Wine Bottles

3 Faux Bottle
Image Credit: Sustain My Craft Habit

Here’s another great way to add some style to your home! You can paint the wine bottles and then add some fun Cricut designs. Get creative and use the designs for themed décor, seasonal décor, or holidays.

Make this Craft: Faux Wine Bottles

4. Halloween Wine Bottles

Halloween Lights With Old Bottles
Pillar Box Blue

Ready to add some festive but not too spooky décor to your home for Halloween? These easy-to-make Halloween bottles are perfect for the job.

Make this Craft: Halloween Wine Bottles

5. DIY Wine Bottle Lamp

Wine Bottle Lamp
Image Credit: Turning the Clock Back

If you’re looking for a great way to upcycle old wine bottles, you can turn them into a table lamp for any room in the house. The best thing about making your own wine bottle lamp is that you only need a few supplies.

Make this Craft: DIY Wine Bottle Lamp

6. Candy Corn Wine Bottles

Colorful painted bottle with yellow flower
Image Credit: Turning the Clock Back

You can easily turn those wine bottles into a fun fall decoration. Make them look like candy corn and use them as table decorations or centerpieces for the dining room.

Make this Craft: Candy Corn Wine Bottles

7. Joy Centerpiece

white bottle with Joy words
Image Credit: Suburbia Unwrapped

Ready to bring some holiday spirit and joy to your home? This easy to make joy centerpiece is a great way to do so. Use it as table décor for your holiday dinners to add some festive fun to the table.

Make this Craft: Joy Centerpiece

8. Upcycled Flower Vase

Wine Bottle Craft with heart design
Image Credit: Busy Creating Memories

Another great way to reuse old wine bottles is to turn them into vases. You can use them around your home to show off your favorite flowers.

Make this Craft: Upcycled Flower Vase

9. Beaded Wine Bottles

Wine Bottles Decorated with Glass Beads
Image Credit: Single Girls DIY

Another great idea for decorating wine bottles instead of painting them is to use beads. The beads will give the bottles a unique and colorful look.

Make this Craft: Beaded Wine Bottles

10. Colored Wine Bottles

Colored Wine Bottles
Image Credit: Leap of Faith Crafting

Colored wine bottles are one of the easiest crafts to make to add color to any room. You can choose the paint color you like and add some cute embellishments for even more flair.

Make this Craft: Colored Wine Bottles

11. Grinch Wine Bottles

Grinch wine bottle
Image Credit: Leap of Faith Crafting

Here’s another festive and fun holiday craft you can make with wine bottles. Turn them into Grinch bottles with a festive Santa hat for a fun holiday craft and decoration.

Make this Craft: Grinch Wine Bottles

12. Polka Dot Wine Vases

Polka Dot Wine Bottle Vases
Image Credit: Crafts by Amanda

These adorable polka dot wine vases are made from old wine bottles and will be a fun summer project that you can make for your home. The hardest part of this craft will be figuring out what kind of flowers to put in them!

Make this Craft: Polka Dot Wine Vases

13. Mosaic Wine Bottles

Mosaic Wine Bottle Craft
Image Credit: Crafts by Amanda

Instead of painting the wine bottles, you can use pieces of scrapbook paper to create your own mosaic bottles. Mix and match your favorite scrapbook paper to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Make this Craft: Mosaic Wine Bottles

14. Christmas Tree Glass Bottle

Christmas Tree Glass Bottle
Image Credit: Family Focus Blog

Turn a wine bottle into a festive Christmas tree with this tutorial. It’s a unique holiday decoration that’s perfect for any room in the house.

Make this Craft: Christmas Tree Glass Bottle

15. Farmhouse Wine Bottle Décor

Glass bottle with home lettering and flower
Image Credit: Craft Bits

If you love the farmhouse style, you’re going to enjoy these adorable farmhouse style wine bottles. They’re an easy to make craft that you can use to add some love to your home.

Make this Craft: Farmhouse Wine Bottle Décor

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