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When it comes to home design, it’s a never-ending battle of determining what’s hot and what’s not. Trends sweep in and out like a gust of wind, leaving us with classic, timeless gems and – some not-so-loved fads.

Design enthusiasts weigh in on the 15 home design trends that have had their moment in the spotlight but are now past their prime.

All-White with Neutral Accents

all white living room with neutral accents
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Transforming a house into a home involves creating a space that reflects your personality and exudes warmth and comfort. While the all-white with neutral accents trend has enjoyed its fair share of popularity, it can sometimes feel sterile and lacking in character.

Theresa of In The Game Investing says, “A lived-in home needs a pop of color to create a focal point and infuse the room with emotion, personality, and energy. Adding vibrant accents or bold artwork allows you to breathe life into your space and make it truly unique.”

Greige Interiors

Modern interior design living room with gray walls
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While neutral colors can create a serene and calming environment, the trend for “greige” interiors is reaching its peak.

Caro from The Listed Home expresses her weariness: “I’m over gray, bland interiors. The trend for ‘greige’ has been around for too long!” Caro recommends exploring a broader color palette or experimenting with contrasting shades and textures to infuse your space with more personality and vitality. 

“Classic neutrals, like white and gray, are stepping aside for something fresh. By embracing creamier neutrals, we’re bringing warmth to your homes that feel downright inviting,” states Anna Tatsioni, Lead Interior Designer at Decorilla Online Interior Design.

Slatted Wood Overload

Interior styling with purity of the lines, neutral colours and finishes with natural materials
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Slatted wood walls have been trendy over the last few years. Jules Yap from IKEAhackers says, “I loved the slatted wall look. It added an interesting texture and visual appeal to spaces. But I am ready to move on from it.” To keep your home’s design fresh and engaging, exploring alternative styles and materials, such as reclaimed wood, textured wallpapers, or decorative panels, can help you achieve a more diverse and captivating look.

Navy Blue Islands and Grey-Tone Flooring

Beautiful luxury home kitchen with white cabinets.
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“A few design choices make a kitchen instantly feel tired and outdated, even if it’s a brand new space.  While a navy blue island and grey-tone flooring might feel like classic choices, they’ve both been overdone to the point that they now feel like hallmarks of the late 2010s.,” said Courtenay Hartford of The Creek Line House.

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Cutesy Signs with Home Phrases

closeup of a house-shaped chalkboard with the text home sweet home written in it and a bunch of lavender flowers in a flower pot, against a rustic pale blue background
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Accessorizing with signs inscribed with home and other popular cliché phrases is no longer considered stylish. As Courtenay Hartford of The Creek Line House suggests, “If there has been an SNL sketch about a particular home decor trend, chances are you should avoid it at all costs.  

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Chevron Patterns

Contemporary elegant home office with chevron pattern
Image Credit: mihalis_a / iStock Photos

Chevron patterns were once a go-to choice for adding visual interest to a room. However, their popularity has waned, and they can now overwhelm a space. Theresa from In The Game Investing states, “The zigzag pattern of chevron has had its moment, but it’s time to move on.”

To introduce fresh and captivating patterns to your home, consider exploring geometric shapes, botanical prints, or abstract designs. By incorporating these unique patterns through wallpapers, textiles, or artwork, you can infuse your space with a renewed sense of style and visual appeal.

Shiplap Overload

A beautiful foyer entrance with a light hanging above the dark hardwood floors, a bench in front of a shiplap wall, and a dark door with windows.
Image Credit: Deposit Photos

Shiplap has become synonymous with farmhouse-inspired design, but its widespread use has made it lose its impact and can now make a room feel dated. Caro Davies from The Listed Home suggests giving this trend a break and seeking more unique options.

Instead of relying solely on shiplap, consider exploring other textured wall treatments, such as exposed brick, reclaimed wood panels, or decorative wallpapers. These alternatives can add depth, character, and a touch of individuality to your space, making it feel fresh and distinct.

Edison Bulbs

Decorative antique edison style light bulbs against brick wall background
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Edison bulbs have long been associated with vintage charm, but their widespread use has led to a lack of originality in lighting design. It’s time to explore alternative lighting options that can bring a fresh perspective to your space.

Jules Yap of IKEAhackers encourages us to think beyond the Edison bulb and consider incorporating unique fixtures, such as modern pendant lights, artistic chandeliers, or sleek track lighting systems. 

Farmhouse Everything

Farmhouse entryway. Wooden console table near white  wall. Interior mockup.
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The farmhouse trend has had its moment, with distressed wood, mason jars, and barn doors saturating the design world. Kathy from Petticoat Junktion expresses, “It’s time to move away from the farmhouse trend and embrace new styles.”

To evolve your home’s aesthetic, consider incorporating elements from different design styles, such as contemporary, industrial, or bohemian. Mixing and matching furniture pieces, materials, and textures can create an eclectic, personalized look that reflects your unique taste and style.

Rose Gold Everything

Elegant home decoration with wooden wick burning candle, room interior decor arrangement close-up
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Rose gold had its time in the spotlight as a trendy metallic hue, but its widespread use has made it overly ubiquitous. To avoid a cookie-cutter look, it’s time to step away from rose gold and explore other exciting options.

Theresa of In The Game Investing suggests seeking alternative metals, such as brass, copper, or blackened steel, to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space. These alternative metals can bring a fresh and contemporary vibe to your decor, making it feel more current and unique.

Live, Laugh, Love Decor

Live Laugh Love word in light box on wooden background
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While words and phrases like “Live, Laugh, Love” may hold sentimental value for some, they make a home look dated when positioned around your home.

Caro from The Listed Home encourages us to find more meaningful and unique ways to express ourselves. Instead of relying on mass-produced signs and generic phrases, consider incorporating personal souvenirs, artwork, or quotes that genuinely resonate with you. 

Open Shelving Overload

Small apartment kitchenette interior with open shelving
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Open shelving in kitchens can be visually appealing, providing an opportunity to display and access items easily. However, too much open shelving can create a cluttered and overwhelming look.

Jules Yap from IKEAhackers suggests balancing open and closed storage to maintain functionality and style. Consider incorporating a mix of open shelves, closed cabinets, and concealed storage solutions to create a more organized and visually balanced kitchen.

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Accent Walls

Cork honeycombs on blue wall of trendsetting dining room interior with patterned carpet, plants and white furniture
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Accent walls were once a popular way to add visual interest and create focal points. However, they can sometimes make a space unbalanced and disjointed if not executed carefully.

Kathy Owen from Petticoat Junktion recommends exploring alternative ways to add depth and character to your walls. Instead of relying solely on accent walls, consider incorporating texture, patterns, or artwork throughout the space. 

Overly Matchy-Matchy Decor

white couch farmhouse theme
Image Credit: Deposit Photos

Matching every element in a room, from furniture to accessories, can result in a predictable and lackluster space. Theresa from In The Game Investing advises, “Let’s mix and match for a more eclectic and unique look that showcases our style.” Instead of purchasing furniture sets or matching decor items, consider combining different styles, colors, and materials.

Mixing different textures, patterns, and finishes creates a truly personalized and captivating environment.

Overly Minimalistic Spaces

Dark room interior, living room interior mockup, empty black wall and yellow sofa, 3d rendering
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Minimalism has its merits, as it promotes simplicity and clean lines. However, an overly minimalistic space can feel stark and cold. Caro from The Listed Home suggests balancing simplicity and warmth to create a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Consider adding layers of texture through textiles, incorporating natural elements like plants, and introducing personal touches through artwork or decorative objects. These additions can soften the space and infuse it with warmth and character, making it more inviting and livable.

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