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For coffee lovers, it’s no secret that a considerable amount of used coffee grounds often goes to waste on a weekly, and sometimes even daily, basis. However, what you may not realize is that there are numerous valuable uses for used coffee grounds, including nurturing your houseplants. 

If you’ve been in the habit of simply disposing of your coffee grounds each morning, you should rethink your approach.

Coffee grounds offer an eco-friendly alternative for enhancing your plant’s soil quality and promoting growth. Coffee grounds have nutrients that plants like, so they can improve your soil and act as a natural fertilizer. 

That said, let’s get into how you can use coffee grounds to benefit your houseplants.

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How to Use Coffee Grounds in Houseplants

Create Compost

The most reliable method for utilizing coffee grounds in your houseplants is to incorporate them into your compost bin. Composting typically involves a mix of fruit and vegetable scraps and other organic waste.

Used coffee grounds are an excellent addition to your compost, contributing to the creation of nutrient-rich homemade compost that works wonders for enhancing soil quality and nurturing healthy plants.

Once your compost is ready, blend a small portion of it with potting soil and distribute it among your plants. The nutrients found in coffee grounds will be naturally reintegrated into the soil. 

Just as with commercial fertilizers, it’s crucial not to overdo it. Be mindful of the quantity of compost mixed into your potting soil and your watering frequency for plants potted with this blend.

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Liquid Fertilizer

If composting at home isn’t your thing, an alternative approach is to create a liquid fertilizer from your used coffee grounds. All you have to do is take your freshly brewed coffee grounds and mix it with water.

The rule of thumb is for every gallon of water, you add 2 cups of used coffee grounds. Give it time to seep for a couple of hours before use.

Use this mixture to water your houseplants. This coffee mixture will give them a gentle but effective dose of nutrients. Remember, when it comes to coffee grounds for your plants, less is more. It’s entirely possible to overdo it, especially for plants potted in containers.

Add to Plant’s Soil

When you’re in the process of repotting your houseplant, think about incorporating a modest quantity of used coffee grounds into your potting soil. Mixing them in with your potting soil in small proportions is the key.

As coffee grounds decompose, they provide a gentle boost to plant growth. A general guideline is to use a 1 part coffee grounds to 3 parts potting mix for best results.

It’s worth noting that simply dumping coffee grounds onto the soil surface of your indoor plant isn’t good practice. In reality, this could do more harm than good to your plant.

Why use coffee grounds in Houseplant?

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Used coffee grounds offer a range of benefits that contribute to the overall well-being of your plants, making it a valuable addition for nurturing their growth.

The nitrogen in coffee grounds helps promote root growth, leading to more robust and vibrant houseplants. 

What are the best houseplants for used coffee grounds?

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Certain plants thrive when nurtured with used coffee grounds. Coffee is naturally slightly acidic, making it particularly favorable for acid-loving plants. Here’s a list of houseplants that respond positively to the presence of coffee grounds:

  • Spider Plant
  • Jade Plants
  • Pothos and Golden Pothos
  • Snake Plant
  • Roses
  • Azalea
  • Philodendron

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