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Crafting with wine corks is an excellent way to repurpose any corks you’ve accumulated. These crafts transform corks into beautiful, new creations.

You don’t need to be a wine lover to enjoy these projects; corks are available for purchase in bulk if you like the aesthetic of cork crafts.

Here are 15 wine cork crafts you can easily make at home.

1. Wine Cork Bunny

white and pink wine cork bunny craft
Image Credit: Single Girl’s DIY

This is a fun project for Easter or spring! Turn those wine corks into a pink and white bunny that you can use for decoration.

Make this Craft: DIY Wine Cork Bunny Craft

2. Wine Cork Succulent Magnets

Wine Cork Succulent
Image Credit: Our Crafty Mom

These adorable succulent magnets will be a great addition to the fridge. It’s an easy craft that you can put together in no time.

Make this Craft: DIY Wine Cork Succulent Magnets

3. Wine Cork Mat

Wine Cork Bath Mat
Image Credit: Sustain My Craft Habit

This is such a creative and fun way to recycle wine corks. A wine cork mat looks great in a bathroom or other areas of the house where you want to go for a beach or coastal theme.

Make this Craft: DIY Wine Cork Bath Mat 

4. Wine Cork Coasters

Colorful Wine Cork Coasters
Image Credit: Sustain My Craft Habit

Add a color of pop to your indoor or outdoor space with some colorful wine cork coasters. You can paint them in different colors to match a theme or go with a variety of colors for some summer fun.

Make this Craft: Colorful DIY Wine Cork Coasters

5. Wine Cork Snowflake Ornament

Cork Snowflake Ornament
Image Credit: Anne’s Entitled Life

Wine corks make great holiday ornaments. This one is shaped like a snowflake, and the tops are painted silver for extra sparkle.

Make this Craft: DIY Cork Snowflake Ornament

6. Cork Fairy Houses

Upcycled Cork Fairy Houses
Image Credit: Sum of their Stories

Perfect for fairy gardens or other fairy-themed decorations, these wine corks are painted and decorated to fit the theme. Add some small details like windows and a door, and you have little fairy houses.

Make this Craft: How to Make Upcycled Cork Fairy Houses

7. Cork Honeybees

Image Credit: Plate in 28

A fun way to welcome spring is to make these wine corks into little honeybees. You can then turn the little bees into a mobile for indoor or outdoor decoration.

Make this Craft: DIY Cork Bee Craft

8. Christmas Corks and Button Trees

Christmas Corks & Button Tree
Image Credit: Craft Bits

If you’re looking for a super cute holiday decoration, these Christmas corks and button trees are perfect for bringing in some holiday cheer. You can set them on side tables and shelves or use them as your holiday centerpiece.

Make this Craft: Kids Craft – Christmas Corks & Button Tree

9. Cork Beaded Bracelets

Cork Bead Bracelet
Image Credit: Hands On As We Grow

Turn those corks into bracelets. It’s fun for both adults and children to make. Simply slice the corks into pieces and thread the yarn or bracelet material through them.

Make this Craft: Threading Cork Bead Bracelets

10. Wine Cork Pumpkin

Wine Cork Pumpkin
Image Credit: Drugstore Divas

Perfect for fall, you can turn those leftover wine corks into a cute pumpkin decoration. You only need a few supplies; they’ll add fun fall warmth to your home.

Make this Craft: DIY Wine Cork Pumpkin Tutorial

11. Wine Cork Board

Wine Cork Board
Image Credit: Amber Oliver

You can make a wine corkboard to hang up, which is a great addition to the home office. With the board, you can leave notes, add pictures, and keep track of various tasks.

Make this Craft: How To Make A Wine Cork Board

12. DIY Stamps

Cork Stamps
Image Credit: Happiness is Homemade

Stamps are a super easy project to make with wine corks. You can either add accents to the bottom of the stamps or simply cut different shapes to make stampers.

Make this Craft: Easy DIY Stamps

13. Wine Cork Table

Wine Cork Table
Image Credit: Our Crafty Mom

With this tutorial, turn those extra wine corks into a table. You can use the table to hold your favorite wines or to serve guests.

Make this Craft: How To Make A Wine Cork Table

14. Wine Cork American Flag

American Flag Wine Cork Upcycle Craft
Image Credit: Pink Fortitude

Use as a decoration for patriotic holidays or throughout the year. This is one of my favorite ways to upcycle wine corks to create something beautiful.

Make this Craft: American Flag Wine Cork Upcycle Craft

15. Cork Candle Ornaments

Image Credit: Kids Craft Room

These cork candle ornaments are fun and add holiday cheer to your home. After the ornaments are finished, you can keep them with your holiday decorations and put them on the tree yearly.

Make this Craft: How to make a wine cork candle

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