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It is a wonderful idea to encourage the whole family to spend time outdoors and enjoy nature together. One way to do this is by collecting small rocks and pebbles.

Both kids and adults find joy in discovering unique rocks, and displaying them at home can be a source of pride. However, collections can quickly grow too large.

When your rock collection becomes too big, there’s no need to worry. Instead of just putting them aside, why not turn them into crafts as a family? Crafting with rocks and pebbles can be a fun activity that everyone will enjoy. Here are some simple craft ideas to try together.

1. Pebble Art Picture

Pebble Art
Image Credit: Sustain My Craft Habit

Use small rocks and pebbles to create this picture with the birds on a tree branch. Once finished, you can set it on a side table or hang it on the wall. 

Make this Craft: Pebble Art Picture

2. Rock Turtle Craft

Green Rock Turtle Craft
Image Credit: Easy Peasy and Fun

This cute turtle is made from rocks painted green. It’s an easy craft with rocks, and the turtle is super cute. Add it to your garden for something fun.

Make this Craft: Rock Turtle Craft

3. Decoupage Rocks

Colorful rocks
Image Credit: We Three Shanes

Decoupage rocks to create your own designs. You can use these for projects, to add to your garden, and to your other DIY home décor. Experiment with different styles and colors to make your unique rocks.

Make this Craft: Decoupage Rocks

4. Salt Dough Rock Craft

Dad Rocks Salt Dough
Image Credit: Ottawa Mommy Club

Kids can make this cute salt dough rock craft for Dad and give it to him for any special occasion, such as Father’s Day. 

Make this Craft: Salt Dough Rock Craft

5. Baby Chicks

Image Credit: Red Ted Art

Use some paint to turn them into cute little baby chicks. This will be a fun craft for kids to do on rainy days or just for fun.

Make this Craft: Baby Chicks

6. Ladybug Painted Rocks

Ladybug Rock Art
Image Credit: Simple Everyday Mom

Turn rocks into fun ladybugs for the summer. This is another cute craft with rocks you can make for your garden or add to your outdoor decorations.

Make this Craft: Ladybug Painted Rocks

7. Rock Flower Stepping Stones

Pink Flower Stepping Stones
Image Credit: Amber Oliver

A fun summer craft with rocks or pebbles, you can make these flower stepping stones for the garden or flower beds. The rainbow style is perfect for spring or summer.

Make this Craft: Rock Flower Stepping Stones

8. Penguin Pebble Art

Penguin Family Pebble Art Craft
Image Credit: Sustain My Craft Habit

This is another fun pebble art craft you can make with small rocks. Once you have the penguin pebbles finished, you can hang them in your home for the winter.

Make this Craft: Penguin Pebble Art

9. Painted Rock Cactus

Green painted rock cactus
Image Credit: Cobberson and Company

This is another fun painting rock craft project you can do this summer! Paint the rocks green and add them to a jar to create the look of a cactus.

Make this Craft: Painted Rock Cactus

10. Mosaic Doorstop

Mosaic doorstop
Image Credit: A Crafty Mix

To make this doorstop, use a large rock and create a colorful mosaic on top of it. You can add the rock to your porch for extra color or place it in the garden.

Make this Craft: Mosaic Doorstop

11. Caterpillar Rock Craft

Image Credit: Hello Wonderful

Use painted rocks to create an adorable caterpillar. This would make a fun summer craft for kids, and they can add it to their room as a cute decoration.

Make this Craft: Caterpillar Rock Craft

12. Painted Spider Rock

Painted Spider Rock
Image Credit: Mommy Made That

Add some fun to your home for Halloween with this painted spider rock. The body is made from a rock, the legs are made from pipe cleaners, and you can add fun googly eyes to complete the look.

Make this Craft: Painted Spider Rock

13. Fall Gnome Rocks

Fall Gnome Rock Painting
Image Credit: Ruffles and Rainboots

Perfect for the fall season, these fall gnome rocks will make a great addition to your painting collection and look great in your fairy gardens!

Make this Craft: Fall Gnome Rocks

14. Leafy Monster Rocks

Leafy Monster Rocks
Image Credit: Little Pine Learners

Here’s another fun fall craft the kids can do. They will love painting the faces on the rocks and using leaves to make the hair.

Make this Craft: Leafy Monster Rocks

15. Rock Garden Markers

Painted rock plant markers
Image Credit: Mom Endeavors

If you’re setting up your garden and want a fun way to create your own markers, you can make them from rocks. Just paint and label the rocks with your desired fruits and vegetables, and then place them near the plants.

Make this Craft: Rock Garden Markers

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