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It’s no surprise that most people have a junk drawer. However, junk drawers can quickly get out of hand. Junk drawers tend to accumulate a mishmash of random, miscellaneous, useless items that no longer have any real use. If your junk drawer matches this description, it’s time for a decluttering session.

Here are 12 items that should no longer reside in your junk drawer.

Keys Without a Home

keys in keyhole in door
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Do you have keys in your junk drawer but have no idea what it unlocks? Yes, those keys. It’s time to get rid of them.

Scraps of Paper

scissors and arts and crafts
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If you’ve got random bits of paper in your junk drawer, chances are you’ll never use them. Even if you’re someone who likes to jot down notes, you probably only need one or two sheets instead of several pieces.


pens , notebook and eraser and scissors
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We’ve all got a bunch of pens in our junk drawer—some work, some don’t. Some leak and some come in colors we’ll never use. Plus, who needs more than a couple of pens? It’s time to clear them out and keep just a few.


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Coupons are handy if you use them, but often, they end up in the junk drawer, forgotten and unused until they expire. It’s best to discard them.

Rubber Bands

Large pile of colored elastic bands on a wooden background
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There’s this unspoken rule about rubber bands finding their home in the good old junk drawer. Rubber bands are often found there, and while having a few is fine, the moment you let them run wild, they cause problems. They tend to get tangled with other items, making it hard to stay organized. It’s a good idea to declutter and eliminate excess rubber bands because you will unlikely use them all.

Miscellaneous Screws

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Let’s face it: your junk drawer is not a toolbox. It’s time to find a more suitable place for your screws outside the drawer.

Condiment Packets

takeout items
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Ketchup, mayo, or mustard packets don’t belong in the junk drawer; they hardly ever get used there. Keeping them near the regular-sized condiments in a small bowl or basket is more practical, making it easier to use them when needed.

Take Out Menus

Take Out Menus
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Many of us order takeout online through our phones nowadays. When we need to check the menu, we usually visit the restaurant’s website. Therefore, there’s no need to keep those takeout menus; they’re just taking up unnecessary space.

Old Batteries

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Avoid storing loose batteries in the junk drawer. They can corrode over time and, more importantly, become a fire hazard if not stored in their original packaging and accidentally come into contact with another electronic device.


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Your coin collection might have outgrown the junk drawer. Consider using that coin collection to pay a bill.

Broken Items

Set of ceramic plates and utensils in kitchen drawers
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That broken item in your junk drawer? It’s time to let it go. We often tell ourselves we’ll fix these things ‘someday,’ but that day may never come. Clearing the broken items from your junk drawer can help create a more organized home.

Random Items You Don’t Use

A genuine kitchen junk drawer almost overflowing with genuine kitchen junk.
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For the items you never use, it’s best to either get rid of them or find a different place to store them.


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