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Choosing cabinets in colors other than white or gray may seem a bit unconventional. However, opting for green is both bold and stylish. Green cabinets stand out, offering a striking and unique look compared to other design choices.

This daring color adds depth and charm to any space, instantly elevating it. Green brings a vibrant dimension to your room’s decor with its bold undertones and versatility in pairing with other colors.

If you’re considering green for your cabinets, you’ll love these green color options. From rich dark greens to refreshing blue-greens, the color offers diverse shades, each with its own distinctive flair.

Ripe Olive, Sherwin Williams

green cabinet makeover
Image Credit: Midwest Eclectic / Alison Moore Photography

Ripe Olive by Sherwin Williams will make your jaw drop. It is a gorgeously bold and captivating color that will be the center of attention in the kitchen. Works well in spaces with lots of natural sunlight to truly bring out its color. If you are looking for a show-stopping color that’s both moody and captivating, this is it.

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Rock Garden, Sherwin Williams

Anika''s DIY Life Kitchen makeover in green
Image Credit: Anika’s DIY Life

Sherwin Williams Rock Garden is a deep green with hints of blue-gray undertones. It pairs perfectly with cool white upper cabinets, adding a subtle charm that makes these cabinets stand out. It is absolutely stunning.

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Rookwood Sash Green, Sherwin Williams

DIY Nuts Green Cabinet Makeover Sherwin Williams Rookwood Sash Green Kitchen Island
Image Credit: The DIY Nuts

You can’t go wrong with Rookwood Sash Green by Sherwin Williams. This is another deep green color that works well with two-toned cabinets. It’s a rich green color that’s bold but well worth it.

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Halcyon Green, Sherwin Williams

green kitchen cabinet Home With Marieza
Image Credit: Home With Marieza

Halycon green is soft, delicate, yet strikingly bold. The green is slightly muted by its blue and grey undertone, but it is just so lovely. It screams calmness and tranquility, making it a great fit for kitchen cabinets.

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Avocado, Sherwin Williams

green cabinet
Image Credit: Macfarland Painting

This color looks just like it sounds—avocado. With a slightly yellow undertone, it is quite pleasant and makes the space feel more inviting and warm.

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Lavish Green by Valspar

bright green bathroom cabinets
Image Credit: How We Do

This pretty bright green moves away from the norm. It works well in a themed bathroom or for a kid’s bathroom. This color is fun and exciting and definitely gives the room a wow factor.

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Evergreen Fog, Sherwin Williams

green cabinets painted
Image Credit: Workshop Diaries

This mature color has a calming presence. This “gorgeous green-meets-gray with just a bit of blue” will make any cabinet makeover truly lovely and breathtaking.

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Oakmoss, Sherwin Williams

image 21
Image Credit: Wildfire Interiors

The Oakmass Green by Sherwin Williams is incredibly stunning and has a wow factor. Its warm, yellow-gray undertones make it a great pick for farmhouse-style cabinets.

Fernwood Green, Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Fernwood Green
Benjamin Moore Fernwood Green

Benjamin Moore’s Fernwood Green is a leafy green with calming comfort. It has a very warm undertone. Perfect for kitchen cabinets.

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Thunderous, Sherwin Williams

green painted cabinets
Image Credit: Lemon Thistle

This deep, comforting green strikes a balance between bold and subtle. Its cool gray undertones make it a versatile match for other neutrals. With a sleek profile, it’s stunning without being overly bold.

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Forest Green, Benjamin Moore 

2047 10
Benjamin Moore Forest Green

This color makes a big statement. The Benjamin Moore Forest green color on your kitchen cabinets is simply delightful, especially when paired with gold or black hardware. Pair it with a white farmhouse kitchen sink, and you will have a show stopper.

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Pewter Green, Sherwin Williams

pewter green cabinet paint
Image Credit: Astin’s Designs

This color green is simply superb. It is rich and bold and really makes a statement. Beyond cainbets, It is a great color to use as an accent wall or to help define a cozy reading nook.

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Why choose a green paint color?

Green paint brings a dynamic visual appeal to your space, making it an excellent option for adding personality to your home. It’s bold, ensuring it stands out regardless of the changing trends. Plus, it’s refreshingly different and not cookie-cutter.

How do you choose the right shade of green?

Selecting the ideal hue for your green kitchen cabinets involves a combination of personal preference and consideration of your kitchen’s unique characteristics.

While individual taste plays a significant role, it’s important to consider your space’s specific features. 

For instance, if your kitchen is small or lacks ample natural light, opting for dark green cabinets might inadvertently create a sense of limited space and darkness. Deep, saturated hues tend to absorb light, potentially diminishing the overall brightness in the room. Light green cabinets are a wise choice as they reflect and bounce light.

On the other hand, in larger rooms, dark green shades can anchor and ground the overall design, adding a sense of depth and sophistication to the space.

Consider the size and lighting of your kitchen space. Then, you can embrace light or dark green hues for your cabinets.

How to Test Cabinet Colors

The best way to test kitchen cabinet colors is by getting samples of the color you like. You may have to sample at least three different paint colors before deciding. You can start by ordering samples from Samplize.

Samplize offers a unique solution for testing paint colors with its peel-and-stick formula. They provide peel-and-stick paint samples that can be applied directly to your walls. 

With these samples, you can visualize how a specific color will look in your space, allowing you to make an informed decision before investing in gallons of paint. 

In addition, Samplize samples use several layers of the actual paint color on their samples. Samplize’s high-quality samples accurately represent the true color and finish, providing a convenient and cost-effective way to explore different options.

And, of course, it is super easy to install.

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