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Living next door to someone can be a delicate balance between harmony and discord, whether you’re sharing a wall or enjoying some space between your homes. Nobody wants to be the neighbor with the habits that drive others up the wall. But what if you’re unintentionally that neighbor, unaware of the subtle ways you might be causing frustration? While you might not realize it, your neighbors certainly do.

Here are 15 ways you could be unintentionally annoying your neighbors.

Regularly Hosting Parties and Barbecues

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Hosting a party in your home can be an exciting way to welcome guests. However, if you are a regular host of parties in your neighborhood, your neighbor might not appreciate that. From parking wars to loud music and chatter, this can present as a disturbance to your neighbors. 

Ignoring the Neighbor

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You don’t have to be best friends with your neighbor, but completely ignoring them when you pass makes you a bad neighbor. You should at least acknowledge them with a polite nod or a smile. 

Extreme Noise

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Whether it’s the thumping beats of a party or blaring music, loud noises can be quite disruptive, especially at night. It’s always good practice to keep noisy activities confined within your own four walls. Your neighbors will appreciate you for this.

DIY Home Improvement Projects

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Engaging in home improvement projects that generate some noise? It’s a neighborly move to give your neighbor a heads-up, even if it’s happening during the day. Take a moment to let them know and share an estimate of how long the noise might persist.

Unsupervised Kids Playing in the Street

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Many parents understandably worry about letting their kids play in the street. Times have changed, and today’s streets are busier and riskier. The idea of children playing in the street can be alarming, posing potential dangers for pedestrians, drivers, and, of course, the kids themselves.

Additionally, continuous games blocking your neighbor’s driveway can understandably lead to frustration. Some neighbors have genuine concerns about their property turning into a neighborhood hangout spot. To provide your children with a safe play environment, consider designating your backyard or driveway as their play area.

Leaving Garbage Cans at the Curb After Garbage Day

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We all have that neighbor who promptly brings in their garbage cans right after trash pickup, but sometimes, things don’t go as planned. While trash cans serve an essential purpose, they can become an eyesore if left out for days after collection. While a brief grace period is understandable, extended periods of having them out can be a nuisance to your neighbors. Being a considerate neighbor means ensuring your garbage cans are promptly returned to their designated spot after trash day.

Using Your Neighbor’s Trash Can as Your Own

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Respecting your neighbor’s trash can space is an important aspect of being a good neighbor. It’s essential not to use their trash can without their explicit permission, regardless of whether there’s room in it.

Excessive Dog Barking

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While it’s true that some dogs bark more than others, it’s essential to be considerate of your neighbors. Leaving your dog outside to bark for extended periods on a regular basis can understandably be a source of frustration for those living nearby.

Damage to Neighbor’s Property

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Whether your undertaking renovations or have a damaged tree that needs to be cut down, it’s crucial to be mindful of the potential impact on your neighbors’ properties. Accidental damage like fallen trees, leaks, cracks, or structural issues can lead to unnecessary disputes and strained relationships.

Not Cleaning Up After Your Fur Baby

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Leaving piles of dog waste in your yard isn’t just unpleasant; it’s a nuisance for your neighbors. Failing to clean up after your pet not only looks bad but can also create an unpleasant smell that can irritate those passing by.

Blocking the Neighbor’s Driveway

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No matter how friendly you are with your neighbor, it’s a good rule of thumb not to park in or block their driveway. Put yourself in their shoes; waiting for someone to move their car can be incredibly frustrating.

Ignoring Property Lines

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When you have plans to upgrade your fence or install a pool, it’s important to open up a dialogue with your neighbor – or better yet, bring in the experts. Property line disputes stand as a prevalent cause for neighborly conflicts and even legal action.

Bold House Color

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The color you choose for your home’s exterior can make a world of difference in its overall appearance and curb appeal. It’s crucial to select a color that enhances your home’s look and blends well with the neighborhood. While you might have a soft spot for vibrant pink or dark red, your neighbors may not share the same enthusiasm for you painting your entire house in such bold shades. Some neighborhood associations offer guidelines for acceptable exterior paint colors, but even if there are no strict rules in your area, it’s wise to think about the neighborhood’s character before opting for eye-catching colors.

A Home that Looks Run Down

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Peeling and chipped paint, scattered trash in your yard, a neglected lawn, or a collection of junk, including old cars, can significantly detract from the overall appearance of the neighborhood. These eyesores have the potential to diminish property values, which isn’t fair to your diligent neighbors who take pride in their homes.

Overgrown Lawns

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An overgrown lawn doesn’t do any favors for your home’s curb appeal or your neighborhood’s overall appearance. Keep your lawn in check – especially if you want to be a good neighbor.

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