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Watching a home improvement show or browsing Pinterest might inspire you to tackle renovations yourself, making you feel empowered to start DIY projects.

However, while DIY projects can be cost-effective, certain tasks require specialized skills and expertise. Here’s a list of home improvement projects better left to professionals:

Asbestos Removal

Bright empty room with fireplace and carpet floor. Glass slide door to backyard
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Asbestos is hazardous; professional removal is essential to ensure safety.

Water Heater Install

An electric water heater in a room
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Often requiring a permit, this job involves handling gas or electrical connections and should be done by a professional.

Exterior Home Painting

Simple house exterior with tile roof. Front porch with curb appeal
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While it’s perfectly fine to DIY a paint job inside your home, the preparation and labor involved in painting a house exterior are extensive. Hiring professionals will save time and effort.

Demo Work

the renovation of a bathroom renovation uind by a construction worker
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Professional demolition avoids the risks of damaging critical structures and manages debris effectively.


Large house with driveway and garage.
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Due to the high stakes, foundation issues are critical and should only be handled by professionals.

Tree Removal

large tree in backyard
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In most states, large tree removals require a permit. Experts should remove large trees to avoid damage and assure safety.

New Dishwasher Install

open dishwasher with clean dishes in kitchen overall plan.
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Professional installation is recommended due to the complexity of connecting wires and plumbing.

Plumbing Work

kitchen sink and faucet
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Unless you are installing a basic kitchen faucet, Plumbing can be complex, and mistakes may lead to significant water damage. It’s advisable to hire a licensed plumber for major issues.

Carpet Installation

carpet installation
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Professional installation ensures that carpeting is laid out correctly and lasts longer.

Repaving Driveway

run down boarded up house
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Paving the driveway involves using specialized equipment, from removing the old surface to laying new asphalt. Attempting this project on your own could result in a poorly constructed driveway. Professionals ensure that the driveway surface is properly leveled and durable.

Mold Removal

A professional disinfector in overalls processes the walls from mold. Removal of black fungus in the apartment and house. Aspergillus.
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If you have large areas of mold growth, it’s best to seek a professional. Mold can cause health issues and should be removed by professionals who can ensure it’s eradicated permanently.

Electrical Panel Replacement

electrical panel
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Electrical panel installations done DIY pose significant fire risks or harm to oneself. This job requires a licensed professional.


hvac system
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Working on your central HVAC system can be dangerous and requires a professional. You can, however, change your HVAC filter, which should be done every three months.

Roof Repairs

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Roofing is labor-intensive and risky. Professional roofers can complete the job quickly, safely, and correctly.

Updating Windows

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Finding the right window replacement can be challenging. Professional installation ensures security and proper fitting.

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