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One of my favorite things to use for organizing is baskets. Baskets come in various shapes, sizes, and styles and can be used for practically any form of storage. Baskets are highly multi-functional, helping to hide and reduce clutter and providing a designated area for the undesignated items in your home.

Baskets can also help to add cuteness to your home decor. No matter the basket type, from wicker rattan and woven baskets to metal, plastic, and fabric baskets, there is a purpose for baskets in the home. Check out these basket organization ideas by room type that are guaranteed to keep your home neat and tidy.

basket organizing in home

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Why use Baskets to Organize?

Using baskets to organize items in your home is a great way to maximize space and reduce visual clutter. Baskets offer easy access to everyday items like laundry, kid’s toys, books, or throw blankets. Baskets allow you to put things away that you would otherwise leave exposed due to it’s open nature and easy accessibility. Cleaning up is 10x easier when everything has its place.

Baskets can also be visually stunning. As a statement piece, they can add a lot of character, warmth, and a cozy vibe to your space while seamlessly and effortlessly integrating with your home decor. They are a simple yet practical way to help update your home.

Because baskets are plentiful, it is easy to find baskets that match your decor style and functional demands. And when your organizing demands and needs change, baskets are easy to reassign or recycle to a new area of the home. Baskets add the perfect blend of functionality and style to any space.

Does size matter?

The simple answer is, Yes. It’s important to think about the size basket required to store the items you need. Ultimately the size of the basket will determine how many things you can keep in it. Therefore, before purchasing a basket, consider measuring or sizing up similar items that will be stored together.

In addition to size, the basket’s structural composition or integrity should also matter. You want to use baskets that will keep their shape for long despite what you store in them.

Basket Organization Ideas by Room

assortment of baskets for basket organization ideas

In the Living Room

Blanket and pillow storage: I love to cuddle up on my couch with a cozy blanket and watch a great movie. Baskets like this Wicker Storage Basket are excellent for tossing the blanket in when not in use or for storing extra blankets. Make the basket blend into your existing furniture to enhance the living room’s aesthetics.

Toy storage: If you have kids, then you know how messy their toy collection can get. Use a large basket to organize your kid’s messes. Baskets will make putting toys away much easier because your kids know where to put their toys. Use baskets like this cotton rope basket in other areas of the house for toy storage, including the bedroom, closet, and playrooms. Since children thrive in a predictable environment, baskets are great for keeping like items together and encouraging kids to select specific toys to play with.

Basket for vinyl record storage: As a vinyl record collector and fanatic, I struggle with storing my collection. Baskets have provided a viable solution for this issue. Keep all your vinyl conveniently organized in one place with this basket.

Organize miscellaneous knick-knacks: Use baskets to gather miscellaneous items that would otherwise clutter up your living room. Storage baskets like the Small Wicker Basket with Handles can hold board games, books, remotes, magazines, and more. Stash the baskets beneath a coffee table or console table so they’re out of the way but easy to reach when needed. It’s also a great way to quickly clear out the mess and clutter before the guests come over.

Baskets for indoor plants: Baskets for indoor plants add so much beauty and flare to any space. Pretty baskets are great for covering up plant pots that aren’t so attractive or for adding that extra touch to fake plants that look real. Whether small, tall trees or large plants, you can find a basket like this Seagrass Belly Basket that matches the style and proportions. Keep plants in their original pots with proper drainage before placing them in the basket. Proper draining will help to keep the basket from getting wet and soggy.

plant in basket pot

In the Bedroom

Closet organizer: I love organizing the closet with baskets. You can use baskets to separate items such as shirts, shoes, workout gear, and other similar clothing and accessories. This particular storage basket is great on closet shelves to hold belts, undergarments, and socks. Pretty baskets add so much pizazz and character to a closet.

Pillow and blanket bedside storage: As much as I love having decorative pillows and blankets that beautifully style my bed, they usually end up on the floor at the end of the night. So instead of just tossing the pillows at night, use a Wicker Storage Basket to keep your items stored away nice, neatly, and close to you.

blanket in basket

Home Office

Desk organization: use a basket to store your loose items, such as paperwork, for your desk. This will add style to an essential area or room of the house.

Cord and wire Organizer – this one is a bit unconventional, but we use baskets to store a variety of extra wires and power chargers for our devices, such as phones, computers, and iPad.

Craft supplies organizer – if you are a crafter, storage is essential for your everyday work. Use a basket to store your supplies and small craft appliances.

home office basket organization ideas

In the Bathroom

You can never have enough storage, especially in a small bathroom that usually lacks the necessary storage to house your items. Baskets are great for organizing and decorating the bathroom.

Store your toiletries: Use Baskets to organize the extra bath supplies such as toiletries, medication, and extra bath products. Stock a basket with fragrant soaps, lotions, and other items for freshening up that you can easily pull out when guests arrive.

Display your beautiful towels: Use baskets to store fresh towels in your bathroom. You can place large bath towels or hand towels in a basket so that they are easily accessible.

Linen closet organization: Streamline a crowded linen closet with various sizes of linen closet baskets for storage on shelves and on the ground. A large wicker basket is the best for storing bulky items such as blankets, sheets, and bath towels.

Store toilet paper: Display your toilet paper or towel in a decorative basket. This basket storage idea works exceptionally well in bathrooms with a wall-mount sink or exposed plumbing. Storage will keep your bathroom tidy and clutter-free.

bathroom basket storage

In the Hallway or Entryway

Create a shoe organizer: Keep a basket near the entryway to store your outside shoes.

Mail sorting: Keep your mail in a centralized location using a basket. Baskets are great for masking the ugliness of mail. And when you are ready to sift through and organize, it is patiently waiting for you.

Miscellaneous items storage – keep a basket to beautifully mask all the random items that need a place to stay. You can store items such as your garage door opener, ring screwdriver, hat, gloves, and keys.

The basket under the foyer table: If nothing else, this is just for decor styling your entryway. Baskets are a lovely way for entryway styling.

entryway basket organization ideas

In the Laundry Room

Organize laundry essentials: Organize your loose laundry staples, such as cleaning products, laundry detergent pods, and other tools, with laundry baskets. Laundry room baskets are wonderful for keeping things neat and organized. Use smaller baskets for a utility room shelf.

laundry room basket organization ideas

In the Kitchen

Organize linens and towels: If you frequently use rags, dish towels, and other linens in the kitchen, then it’s a great idea to have storage bins that can easily organize them.

Organize the pantry: Baskets can help organize pantry staples. So use this plastic storage basket to store and display your snacks, juice boxes, and small appliances. Just make sure to add a label on the basket so you can quickly see what’s in it for optimal pantry organization.

kitchen organization basket

Best Baskets for the Entire Home

  • Wire Baskets – I love buying baskets in pairs or, better yet, in 3’s because it creates symmetry when decorating. These high-quality wire metal baskets have an open design that lets you view and replace items easily. They are perfect for any room in the home.
  • Wicker Storage Basket – These large wicker baskets are freestanding with handles and are great for storing blankets and throw pillows. They are hand-woven from corn leaf, rope, and banana leaf and offer a chic, fashionable presence that will blend with any decor.
  • Small Wicker Basket with Handle – These baskets offer a stylish, durable appearance. Each basket has reinforced edges to stand up straight and cut-outs on each side that serve as handles, making it easy to move around if needed.
  • Seagrass Belly Basket – This basket makes an elegant plant basket while also doubling as decorative storage basket for your living space.
  • Banana Leaf Tote Basket – World Market offers some excellent options for Baskets. This beautiful basket is handcrafted and can seamlessly fit into an awkward space.
  • XL Cotton Hand-Woven Basket –This stylish and modern hand-woven cotton basket is great for a kid’s nursery to store laundry or blankets.
  • Decorative Fabric Basket 
  • Rope Storage Basket
  • Woven Plastic Storage Basket

Where to find Baskets?

Baskets are easily accessible and affordable. Depending on the size and material of the basket, prices may vary. Consider the following stores when shopping for unique baskets, and kick off your basket search.

Alternatively, baskets are also plentiful in thrift stores, but you will have to sift through their inventory to find what you are looking for.

I hope this list has offered you a variety of storage solutions and ways to organize your space with baskets. Whether small spaces or larger spaces, these basket storage ideas will help to streamline and declutter your home. So make the most of your home storage by utilizing baskets whenever and wherever you can.

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How do you organize with baskets? Please drop a note below to let us know your favorite idea for organizing with baskets.

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