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Your home is a special place, but as it ages, it’s only natural to consider making improvements. If you’re looking to update your living space and address some aging aspects of your home, consider these practical home improvement ideas that don’t require a professional.

Improve Your Lighting

light fixture
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Say goodbye to those outdated builder-grade lights and welcome a more modern lighting solution. By investing in new lighting fixtures, you can enhance your home’s value and give your room a fresh, updated look. Consider adding a charming chandelier or stylish pendant lights. This simple upgrade can create a sense of spaciousness and provide a welcoming ambiance in your home.

Paint An Accent Wall

Stylish living room interior design with scandinavian settee, grey accent wall and natural accents
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Give your space a fresh look by painting an accent wall. Whether you choose a clean and neutral shade or go bold with vibrant colors, this simple DIY project can add a touch of sophistication to your home.

If you seek expert guidance on painting a room, check out the Groovy Hues website. Groovy Hues is an expert painter with locations throughout the US.

Incorporate Wallpaper

Blue couch with pink pillow and table in spacious living room with green wallpaper and workspace
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Today’s wallpaper options have come a long way from the traditional designs of the past. Peel-and-stick wallpaper, in particular, offers a user-friendly application process and a wide range of vivid colors, captivating patterns, and stylish designs that can easily enhance your walls. Whether you’re looking to create an accent wall or spruce up smaller areas like the entryway or bedroom, adding peel-and-stick wallpaper provides an easy way to introduce color and patterns to your space.

Paint The Front Door

Column entrance porch with blue door and colorful rug
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Painting your front door can be a rewarding home improvement project with a substantial impact. It’s the first thing guests notice when they arrive, making it a key focal point. You can get creative with colors like orange, red, blue, or even a deep, dark shade to make your entrance stand out. This simple task not only enhances aesthetics but also boosts your home’s curb appeal.

Powerwash The Exterior Of The House

Newly painted exterior of a North American home during summertime with green grass and flower beds
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If you’re working with a tight budget or have limited time, consider using a power washer to refresh your home’s exterior. A thorough power wash can make a significant difference, almost like giving your home a fresh coat of paint. It removes dirt, grime, and cobwebs from your siding, revitalizing the overall look of your home.

The best part is that a good pressure washer is much more affordable than repainting, making it a cost-effective way to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Replace The Shower Head

Modern blue Shower head with running water in white bathroom. Copy space
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It’s easy to underestimate the importance of a good showerhead, but the truth is that it can significantly impact your daily well-being. The right showerhead can elevate your mood, reduce stress, and even ease body aches and pains.

With a wide range of options available, from different spray patterns to water pressures and designs, upgrading your showerhead is an excellent beginner-friendly home improvement project.

How to Replace a Dual Shower Head in Under an Hour

Whitewash A Fireplace

whitewash brick fireplace
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Whitewashing a brick fireplace is a DIY home improvement project. This technique involves applying diluted white paint to the existing brick, creating a subtle, washed-out effect. The original brick color still peeks through the thin layer of paint, resulting in a brighter and more modern look.

Whitewashing is appreciated for its ability to soften the brick’s natural appearance while giving it a refreshed vibe. It’s no surprise that whitewashing has become a popular design trend in various home styles, including farmhouse, coastal, and contemporary designs. Its rustic charm and shabby-chic appeal seamlessly fit a range of aesthetics.

Swap Out Cabinet Hardware

updated kitchen knobs
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At times, it’s the small changes that can make a big difference, instantly refreshing your living space. Swapping out doorknobs, cabinet handles, or drawer pulls can significantly impact a room’s appearance. It’s an easy yet effective DIY home improvement project to consider.

Install A Smart Thermostat

smart screen with smart home and modern bedroom
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Investing in a smart thermostat like the Google Nest or Ecobee is an excellent home improvement project. Smart thermostats help regulate your home’s temperature, enhance energy efficiency, reduce utility bills, and create a more comfortable living environment.

With features like remote access and personalized scheduling, it provides convenience and control, allowing you to adjust settings from anywhere using your smartphone. This is easily something you can do all by yourself.

Opt for Keyless Entry

Mission style Stained wood front door with beveled glass surrounded by two Adirondack chairs and flowers

A smart lock can be a practical addition, improving both security and convenience in your home. It offers keyless entry and advanced access control features. Features such as remote locking and unlocking enable you to manage access to your home conveniently through a smartphone app, making it a straightforward installation for a DIY home improvement project.

Moreover, the best smart locks seamlessly integrate with other smart home systems, enabling automation and full connectivity. Whether it’s granting temporary access to guests, family, or friends, or monitoring entry activity, a smart lock provides peace of mind and an increased level of control over your home’s security.

Upgrade The Kitchen Faucet

kitchen faucet farmhouse
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The kitchen faucet is one of the most heavily used items in any household. Constant daily use inevitably leads to wear and tear. Therefore, upgrading your kitchen faucet is a practical choice for a home improvement project.

A new kitchen faucet offers improved functionality and enhances your kitchen’s overall visual appeal.

Built In Soap Dispenser

soap dispenser inside sink
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Compliment your kitchen faucet with a built-in soap dispenser. Seamlessly integrating a dispenser into your sink area eliminates the need to search for a soap bottle or deal with messy spills. The refillable dispenser ensures a continuous supply of soap within easy reach, streamlining tasks like handwashing and dish cleaning, making them more efficient and hassle-free.

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