How to Install Soap Dispenser in Kitchen Sink

matte black built in soap dispenser

How to Install Built-in Soap Dispenser in the Kitchen Sink

A built in soap dispenser is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. A built-in dispenser helps to reduce clutter on your countertop, allowing your sink area to have a cleaner, neater, well-designed look. It can also improve the kitchen experience because it is easy to use and very easy to fill. Installing a soap dispenser in the kitchen sink countertop is a quick and easy DIY home improvement project – assuming your kitchen sink has a preset extra hole.

It’s time to say no to the slippery, ugly soap bottle and messy counter space and say yes to a brand new built-in soap dispenser. Check out this step-by-step process on How to Install Soap Dispenser in Kitchen Sink.

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Why a Built-in Soap Dispenser?

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens cooking, cleaning, and prepping meals for ourselves and our loved ones. So why not equip the kitchen with all the things that will make it more functional and, in turn, make your life much easier? A soap dispenser is a must-have for any kitchen. Soap Dispensers are much more attractive than plastic bottles of liquid soap.

Coupled with a modern faucet, built-in soap dispensers add sophistication, organization, polish, and beauty to your kitchen. They are also environmentally friendly, eliminating the need for a free-standing plastic soap dispenser bottle on the edge of the sink. It may even save you time and money.

My husband and I decided we would rather have a built-in soap dispenser on our kitchen sink because of its frequent use. Our old soap dispenser was a standalone dispenser that often either broke, needed frequent refilling, or got old and sticky. We had just finished installing a new kitchen sink faucet and needed a dispenser that complimented it well.

kraus kitchen faucet in matte black

We went with a generic brand name built-in soap dispenser. We chose a matte black color because it matched the new faucet (also in matte black) and the cabinet knobs.

How to Choose a Soap Dispenser

Choosing a soap dispenser will come down to your personal preference. There are modern soap dispensers, while others are classic. Some fill from the top, while others fill from under the sink. I chose a top fill new soap dispenser because of its ease of use and no-fuss refill. I didn’t want to go under the kitchen sink base every time I needed to refill the soap container. However, this particular top-fill option usually comes with a much smaller bottle, likely leading to refilling often.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Supplies Needed

Most of these supplies can also be found at your local home depot or hardware store.

Step 1. Remove items underneath the kitchen sink

Remove all items from the countertop and underneath the kitchen sink. You want to have a clean surface above and below the countertop. I find that it’s much easier to work this way.

Step 2. Check for existing holes

It is important that you check to see if your sink can support this type of installation. You will need a hole in order to begin. If a hole does exist, you will need to remove the fixture, whether it is a soap dispenser, sprayer, or sinkhole cover. You may need to go under the sink, reach up, and unscrew the bottom part of the dispenser or sprayer. Once removed, be sure to clean the area to remove any built-up gunk, dirt, or adhesive left behind. You can use a scrub sponge to remove the buildup.

If a hole does not exist, then you will need to drill a hole in the sink. However, most kitchen sinks have between one to four extra holes drilled, so this may not be much of a concern. You may even have a hole and not even know it because it is covered with a Deck Plate or Escutcheon plate.

Step 3. Gather tools and check for all parts

The next step is to gather all the tools and manufacturer parts. The last thing you want to do is start the project only to discover missing pieces. Look at the manufacturer’s design of the dispenser and assembly.

Step 4: Install the new dispenser

Start by removing the pump head from the dispenser base. Then insert the dispenser base with rubber washer into the countertop hole. Then attach the mounting nut with rubber and screw tightly. Tighten from underneath the kitchen sink. Before you tighten it all the way, double-check the position of the soap dispenser on top of the sink. Use a pair of pliers or a basin wrench to tighten just slightly more than hand-tight. Then screw the soap bottle in place and tighten it.

Step 5. Attach the pump tube

Attach the pump tube (long straw) to the pump head. This attachment will ensure the soap gets pulled from the dispenser bottle.

Step 6. Fill up the Soap Dispenser

Lift the soap pump head and pour the soap in from the top part of the dispenser. If you have a bottom-fill soap dispenser, then you will need to go under the sink to fill it up. Once done, pump the dispenser several times until the liquid detergent comes out, and the soap is evenly distributed.

In addition, this particular dispenser can also be used as a lotion dispenser. How you choose to use the kitchen sink soap dispenser is up to you.

Pro Tip – The manufacturer’s bottle usually comes in an average 10-16oz bottle. For some people, this is a small-size bottle that will still need to be refilled often. For convenience, you can buy a separate hose or extension tube that connects directly to a big bulk bottle of dishwashing liquid instead of utilizing the manufacturer’s bottle. This will last several months without the need to refill the soap continuously.

soap dispenser tube

Now that you have completed the installation process, you can finally put away the old bottle of soap on top of the counter and enjoy your integrated soap dispenser. A pump dispenser will make your kitchen more functional and easy to use.

matte black built in soap dispenser

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  1. I love this! Great idea! I haven’t thought of a built-in soap dispenser before, but now I want to have one too to avoid the clutter that ours make in the sink. Will put it in my to do list. Thank you for the detailed guide.

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