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Living in a small space can have challenges, especially when finding the perfect storage solutions. While a dresser might be the go-to storage solution for a typical bedroom, it may not be ideal for a small bedroom due to its size.

So, if you lack the extra room for a bulky dresser or want alternative options, don’t worry! Plenty of creative alternatives can help you maximize your storage space without sacrificing style or functionality.

Here are 16 dresser alternatives for small spaces for a more clutter-free, modern (and even minimalistic) home.

dresser alternative

Alternatives for Dressers

1. Garment Rack

garment rack dresser alternatives

Garment racks are great dresser alternatives to traditional dressers in the bedroom. Using a garment rack lets you see exactly what you have available to wear, which ultimately helps to speed up the process of getting dressed. Garment racks can also save you a lot of space in the main or guest bedroom.

Garment racks can double as a decor statement piece in your bedroom, making for a modern and more minimalistic look. It does, however, place your clothing on full display, so you may have to ensure that you keep it nice and tidy.

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2. Decorative Baskets

assortment of baskets for basket organization ideas

Using a decorative basket is a great space-saving dresser alternative. From wicker baskets to woven baskets, baskets are great storage solutions that can help to maximize space and reduce visual clutter. Baskets allow you to put things away that you would otherwise leave exposed due to their open nature and easy accessibility.

You can practically store them anywhere in the closet or on the floor next to the bed. Baskets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they are usually inexpensive. Baskets are great for organizing, highly functional, and visually stunning. As a statement piece, they can add much character, warmth, and a cozy vibe to your small space.

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3. Floating Shelves

If you’re short on floor space, consider installing floating shelves on your walls. Open floating shelves are a great dresser alternative that helps to maximize your vertical space and save valuable floor space in your bedroom. These shelves are mounted directly onto the wall, without any visible brackets or supports, giving the illusion that they are floating.

You can fold your sweaters or tops nicely and stack them or display some of your prettiest items on the wall-mounted open shelves. They add a decorative touch to your space and can be easily customized to match your decor.

4. Wall Mounted Coat Rack

DIY coat rack

A stylish wall mounted coat rack is a great alternative to a dresser. With this multipurpose rack, you can easily hang your clothes and accessories, such as a hat or scarf. Wall racks tap into wall space that would otherwise go unused.

Wall mounted hook racks are typically sold with 3-5 assembled hooks allowing you to choose the desired number of hooks, or you can DIY your own wall-mounted coat rack with infinite hooks.

5. Individual Decorative Hooks

An alternative dresser option is individual decorative wall hooks that you can strategically place around your room. This is especially great for saving space in a small room. Wall hooks add to the room’s decor and are great for hanging clothes and other accessories.

6. Bedside Table with Drawers

minimalist small bedroom ideas

A bedside table with drawers is multifunctional. It doubles as a bedside table to house your bedside lamp, phone, alarm clocks, and other nightstand duties while serving as a dresser alternative storage solution.

You can find a bedside table with storage drawers that is aesthetically pleasing, blending seamlessly with your home decor. A narrow bedside table is a practical storage unit for a small, limited-sized room.

7. Trunk

Trunks are very tasteful vintage storage units that make your space trendy. This vintage piece has evolved and is an excellent option for storing your favorite clothes or accessories.

Whether your style is contemporary, vintage, or rustic, there are storage trunks to fit your style. Place them at the foot of the bed or as a side table to store items you don’t want to take up space in your closets.

8. Storage Ottoman

A storage ottoman with a flip-up top is a chic and modern storage idea. Storage ottomans are a great way to add extra storage space to your small living quarters while providing a comfortable place to sit.

You can easily place the ottoman at the side of the foot of your bed for maximum space efficiency. Storage benches double as a place to store folded clothing, blankets, pillows, and sheets while also where you can sit, relax and get ready.

These versatile pieces of furniture come in various sizes and styles, from small footstools to larger bench-style ottomans.

9. Blanket Ladder

DIY Blanket ladder

A blanket ladder is a super trendy statement piece that has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. A blanket ladder is an alternate way to display your beautiful cozy blankets, throw blankets, and quilts.

It makes such a cute room decor accent piece for the bedroom. It also helps fill up any blank wall space in the room.

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10. Closet Hanging Shelves

A closet organizer can help to divide storage space into compartments that fit your specific needs in the wardrobe. Closet hanging shelves take up vertical space in a closet, allowing for an organized closet with plenty of storage, hanging, and shelving space. They are typically constructed from canvas or lightweight materials.

You can also hang them on the back of a door or a wall, and they come in various sizes and styles. Some hanging organizers have pockets for shoes or accessories, while others have shelves for folded clothing. They’re easy to install and can be removed without damaging walls or doors.

11. Storage Bed with Drawers

A modern bed with under-the-bed drawers are excellent dresser alternative, as this gives you ample storage space that neatly tucks away. This dresser alternative utilizes floor space most effectively and uses the space under the mattress.

This type of bedroom furniture is especially great for a small bedroom because it will give you so much more square footage without needing a traditional dresser. Opt for one with pull drawers that pull out seamlessly, where you can store clothes, sheets, and blankets.

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12. Headboard with Storage

bedroom dresser alternatives

This is one of the most clever dresser alternatives, making more storage space in your bedroom. This type of headboard has built-in storage that is excellent for hiding visual clutter and conveniently holding evening essentials nearby.

So stash your books, notepads, bedding, night clothes, bed linens, and other knick knacks in the headboard storage space.

13. Above the Bed Storage

Try adding shelves above the bed for additional storage space. Shelving units above beds have a dual purpose in that they can be for storing clothes and a decorative focal point in a bedroom. It’s an excellent alternative to dressers that can make your room appear smaller.

14. Bookshelf

If you want longer vertical shelf space, consider a bookshelf as a dresser alternative. Bookshelves are not only made for books, but they are great for storing folded clothes as well. This is the perfect solution for a bedroom with very limited closet space.

15. Under the Bed Storage

If you’re short on floor space, consider utilizing the space under your bed for storage. Under-the-bed storage can store clothes, shoes, and extra linens. Go for bins with a rolling feature so you can easily slide the bins from under the bed when ready to access and use them.

You can even purchase under-bed storage containers or repurpose old drawers or crates to slide under your bed. Be sure to measure the height of your bed frame and the storage containers to ensure they will fit comfortably.

16. Cubes

storage cubes dresser alternatives

Cube storage is efficient and modern. This type of storage can hold everything from books to clothing. Cubes allow for more flexibility when it comes to growing storage demands. They are extremely versatile and can provide even greater access to your folded clothes than traditional dresser drawers.

Some cubes are stackable and movable, allowing you to start small and keep adding over time to create an even grander storage center with cubbies. The best part is that they are affordable dresser alternatives.

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Why use an alternative to a dresser?

A dresser is a large, wide piece of furniture typically used to store clothing in a bedroom. Dressers are the traditional way of storing clothes and personal items in a bedroom. However, dressers can be bulky, sometimes taking up unnecessary space in a small bedroom.

For those living in small spaces, dressers can take up valuable floor space and become cluttered. Not only do dresser tops attract clutter, but the drawers can quickly become overstuffed and difficult to manage. Replacing a dresser and finding alternative storage solutions can instantly give your space more room, making it appear bigger, more modern, and clutter-free.

So if you want to substitute your dresser for a more functional trendier option, check out the best alternatives for a dresser to help you maximize and elevate your space.

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I hope you have found this list helpful. While not all dresser alternatives and storage options will work for your space, hopefully, one might. This extensive list of dresser alternatives will provide the best space optimization and the perfect storage method for your everyday bedroom needs.

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