Best Towels for Airbnb that Guests Will Love

bath towels for airbnb

Towels are essential when stocking and furnishing your Airbnb or vacation rental for guests. While it might seem minor, good-quality towels can make or break a guest’s stay and experience. With so many towels to choose from, purchasing towels and finding the best towel for your vacation rental is no small feat.

From the look of the towel to its touch and performance, finding a towel that withstands the test of time and endures extensive wear and tears from multiple guests is a dream.

As a long-time Airbnb Super Host with many years of hosting and testing out towels, I understand the importance of having the right towels to ensure guest satisfaction. My favorite, and the one I most recommend, is the Quick Dry Ribbed Bath Towel Set – Threshold.

That said, I’m sharing all my favorite towels best suited for hosting guests in your Airbnb or vacation rental. From bath towels and hand towels to washcloths and kitchen towels, I’m sharing the best Airbnb towels for every budget, style, and price point.

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Best Bath Towels for Airbnb

bath towels for airbnb

1. Member’s Mark Commercial Hospitality Bath Towels 


The Member’s Mark Commercial high-quality towels are large, soft, and absorbent. They are made from a cotton, polyester blend and are sold in a bulk of 8. They are also Chlorine resistant allowing you to soak and bleach them if they get heavily stained.

Buy at Sam's Club

2. Quick Dry Ribbed Bath Towel Set – Threshold

I love the Threshold Quick Dry Bath towels because they are super stylish, absorbent, and don’t get linty when you first wash them. They feel amazing to the touch of the skin. They are 100% cotton, allowing them to dry easily. Overall I love their breathability and softness. Guests will adore this warm and vibrant towel.

Buy at Target

3. Grandeur Hospitality Bath Towel

The Grandeur Hospitality cotton bath towels are fluffy and fast drying. They are durable and thick. They wash well and will hold up over time. These affordable towels are available in bulk at an affordable price, making them easily replaceable for your short-term rental.

Buy at Costco

4. Utopia Towels 4 Piece Luxury Bath Towels 

The Utopia towels are absorbent and delicate. They are also fluffy with a luxury-like feel. It is made with 100% cotton fabric that is breathable and lasts for a long time. The sides are hemmed to give the towels a splendid finish while maintaining their durability.

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5. Hammam Linen White Bath Towels

The Hamman Bath towels are large, soft and absorbent. The hotel-quality towel is lightweight, durable, quick dry, and 100% cotton. These come highly recommended by other Airbnb hosts.

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6. Sonoma Goods For Life Ultimate Bath Towel

The Sonoma Goods for Life cozy bath towel will be a hit at your Airbnb rentals. What’s beautiful about these towels is that they are very plush towels, and they get more soft and absorbent after each washing. I really dislike when towels feel like paper towel. I like to buy these in bulk when Kohl’s runs a sale.

Buy at Kohls

7. Trinity Collection Bath Towel

This Trinity Collection has the perfect towels if you want an oversized bath towel. These beautiful towels wash and dry well and do not fade. They have a soft, plush waffle texture.

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Best Towel Sets for Airbnb

Opting for a bath towel set is a great way to create a cohesive look in your rental property. Most bath sets include a bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth. Going with the set guarantees the same quality and style of towels in your Airbnb. Here are the best Airbnb towel sets.

towel set for airbnb

1. Luxury White Bath Towel Set Combed Cotton 

This high-quality eight-piece towel set includes two matching bath towels, two hand towels, and four washcloths. It is made of 100% OEKO-TEX-certified cotton. These beautiful bath towels are bleach-safe, making them an excellent choice for your Airbnb rentals.

And if it makes you feel any better, you get a two-year warranty if you are unsatisfied with your purchase at any point and for any reason.

Buy on Amazon

2. Utopia Towels 8-Piece Premium Towel Set

Here’s another Utopia eight-piece set that includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and four washcloths. The Utopia towel brand is Woven with 100% ring-spun cotton that is incredibly soft and breathable.

Due to its double-stitched hems, it is unlikely to unravel when washed. Overall they are very good towels that are budget-friendly.

Buy on Amazon

3. Welhome Franklin Premium 

This Wellhome Franklin 6-piece set towel has a popcorn-like texture. It comes with two Bath Towels, two Hand Towels, and two Washcloths. They are super soft and absorbent and will give your guests a spa-like feel. It is also 100% cotton.

Buy on Amazon

Best Hand Towels for Airbnb

The hand towel is probably the second most commonly used towel in the Airbnb home. While there are many uses for a hand towel, they are great for leaving next to the sink for the guest to dry off their hands. Check out some of the best hand towels for your vacation rental:

hand towels for airbnb

  1. American Soft Linen Hand Towels – Amazon
  2. Members Mark White Hand Towels – Sam’s Club
  3. Grandeur Hospitality Hand Towel – Costco


Best Wash Cloths for Airbnb

You will need lots of wash towels for your vacation rental property. Many of our guests love wash cloths as they are multipurpose and help work up a good lather with a block of bar soap. It is also the best natural manual exfoliator, promoting smoother & healthier skin.

So do yourself a favor and ensure you have several wash towels stocked for guests keen on using them. Here are the best wash towels that I recommend:

wash cloth for airbnb

  1. Real Living Wash Cloths – Big Lots
  2. Grandeur Hospitality 24-piece Washcloth – Costco
  3. The Big One 6- Pack Washcloth – Kohls
  4. Loran Bamboo Washcloths – Amazon
  5. Chakir Turkish Washcloth – Amazon
  6. American Soft Linen – 4 Pack – Amazon

Best Dish Towels for Airbnb

Kitchen towels are great for drying your hands and dishes, wiping up spills, and handling hot pots and pans. You want your guests to feel like they are in their own home, so supplying kitchen towels are a must.

kitchen towels for airbnb

  1. Threshold Kitchen Towels – Target
  2. Zeppoli Classic Kitchen Towels – Amazon
  3. Premium Kitchen Towels – Amazon

Best Makeup Remover Towels

Many of our guests wear makeup, and they will likely need something to wipe off their makeup after a long day. If you don’t want your guests wiping their makeup off with your lovely white Airbnb towels, then it is a good idea to opt for makeup-removal towels.

These black makeup wash cloths are often soft, gentle, and thorough. It is also less wasteful than using disposable makeup wipes. Here are the best makeup removal towels to consider:

  1. Arkwright Makeup Remover Wash Cloths – Amazon
  2. Black Makeup Towels – Amazon

Best Beach Towels for Airbnb

If you are near a beach or have a pool, then you may want to stock up your Airbnb with quality beach and pool towels that your guests can use specifically for this purpose. For drying off and soaking up the sun, the ideal beach towels will hold up well over time with multiple uses.  Check out some of the best beach and pool towels your guests will appreciate:

  1. Utopia Beach Towel – Amazon
  2. Amazon Basics Beach Towel – Amazon
  3. Chakir Turkish Linens – Amazon


How to Choose the Best Airbnb Towels

As an Airbnb host, it took me quite some time to figure out the best towels to use in my vacation rentals. It took having multiple Airbnb guests, hours of laundering, and guest feedback to help figure out what was best for short stays.

Let’s face it, your Airbnb towels will get ruined, lost, or stolen, and you may have to either replace them with new towels or master the art of getting your whites whiter and stain-free.

When deciding on the best towels for your Airbnb, it often comes down to softness, absorbency, and durability. While towels are not one-size-fits-all, it’s important to choose a new set of towels that will please many guests. The towel type and material you choose will impact everything from how it feels, absorbs, and launder. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best types of Airbnb towels:

  • For a superabsorbent towel that’s excellent for everyday use, go for cotton. Cotton is the most absorbent fabric and most popular towel material. For added luxury, choose Egyptian cotton or Turkish towels, which produce the best, softest, and most absorbent towels.


  • For ultra-softness and eco-friendliness, go with towels made from bamboo. Bamboo towels are naturally soft and more sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Since bamboo is a renewable resource, they are naturally mildew-resistant and antibacterial. However, they tend to be more on the pricier side of towels.


  • For organic, go with towels that are GOTS- or OEKO-TEX-certified. GOTS is a global certification for organic textiles, and OEKO-TEX covers organic and non-organic textiles that are made without harmful chemicals.


  • For thicker towels, go for bath towels with a GSM (grams per square meter) ranging from roughly 400 to 700 plus. GSM measures the thickness and overall quality of the towel.


  • For a fluffy towel, go for combed or ringspun cotton. Products with a higher GSM are thicker and extremely supple.


  • For a spa-like towel, go for zero-twist. The extra-fine, long-staple cotton composition results in a luxuriously soft towel.


  • For a quick-drying towel, go for a waffle weave towel. Towels with a lower GSM are lightweight, quick-drying, and thin.


The average size of a towel ranges from – Bath Towel – 27″ x 52″ to 30″ x 58″ | Bath Sheet – 35″ x 60″ to 40″ x 70″ | Hand Towel – 16″ x 28″ to 18″ x 30″ | Washcloths – 13″ x 13″ | Pool Towels – 31″ X 63″ and up

How to choose a towel color?

While some Airbnb hosts prefer to use colored towels (as they are the most forgiving in the long run), I believe the best color for a vacation rental is white. White towels are also a standard used across many hotels across the world.

While vacation rentals and Airbnb are not luxury hotels, white towels will give your rental a nice, crisp, clean feel. White towels appear cleaner while giving off an impression of luxury. White towels also make the best impression.

Depending on how particular and picky a guest is, some guests (including myself) prefer to see the level of cleanliness in their towels. White towels assure the guest that the towel is unsoiled and fresh with no presence of stains and spots.

White Airbnb towels help to ascertain to your guest that your towels are truly clean. While it is much harder to hide stains and everyday wear and tear on white towels, it’s nothing that a little bleach and some OxiClean can’t cure.

Although I am a huge proponent of white towels, I understand that white might not be feasible for every Airbnb host. White requires work to keep clean and free of stains and spots. Therefore if you choose dark-colored towels, then a lighter gray, blue or tan colored towel is a good alternative option. The best Airbnb color towels will not fade over time.

How many towels for Airbnb?

The number of Airbnb towels you leave out for your guest will depend greatly on a few things: the number of guests staying at your property, the length of time they plan to stay, and the availability of a washer and dryer.

The typical standard for the number of towels to leave out for guests is two (2) towels per guest on the reservation. However, I often leave extra towels because the guest should have plenty of clean towels to choose from. If the guest stays for more than a week, then I typically leave 1-2 extra towels per guest to account for the extended time.


Care Instructions for Towels

All towels should be washed before first use and in between guests. Try to wash Airbnb towels alone for the first time in the washing machine, as most towels shed or produce lint during the first wash. However, this will likely diminish over time with subsequent laundering. This should not impact the towels’ look, feel, and performance.

Ensure your cleaning company inspects the Airbnb towels for any spots and stains before laundering them between guests. The cleaning company can use a spot cleaner or bleach to remove such stains.

For a natural alternative, use distilled white vinegar. Wash your white towels in hot water for the best results. Be sure to remove excess water before drying to speed up the dry cycle and help to maintain the towels long-term.

If improperly washed or dried, towels can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. To prevent this, it’s important to wash and dry them frequently. When your towel starts to look dingy, stains become hard to come out, or it begins to smell after using it, it may be time to replace it.


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