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The bathroom is one place where you likely recharge and rejuvenate. Despite its significance in our daily routine, it’s not uncommon for clutter, disorder, and items that have overstayed their welcome to accumulate in this space.

Removing items that clutter our space is important to maintain a tidy, safe, and well-organized bathroom.

Here are 14 items in your bathroom that should be tossed immediately.

Baby Toys

baby toys
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If you have young children, it’s time to peek at their bath toys and figure out what’s still in use and what they’ve outgrown. Get rid of the toys that are no longer in use. For the keepers, make sure there’s no mold creeping in.

Bathroom Decorations

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Think about the artwork, figurines, and accessories in your bathroom. Question whether they’re enhancing the space or simply adding to the clutter. It might be time to let them go if they’re collecting dust, showing signs of mold, or beyond salvaging.

Hold onto the items you genuinely love, and consider donating or tossing anything that no longer aligns with your style.

Soap Scraps

coffee soap bar
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Soap scraps tend to pile up in the shower. Unless you can combine all those soap scraps scattered around your shower into a functional soap bar, it’s best to toss them out.

Old Cosmetics and Makeup

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Contrary to popular belief, your beauty products aren’t meant to stick around forever. Cosmetics like eyeshadow, foundation, lipstick, and mascara start to lose their quality over time and can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Since most makeup items aren’t stamped with expiration dates, it is often difficult to figure out when to let them go. The best thing to do is watch out for color, texture, or scent shifts. These are the telltale signs that your makeup has run its course.

Aged Medication

things in medicine cabinet
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Expired drugs, medications, or vitamins might not be safe for consumption. Adhere to the directions on the label to properly dispose of the medication. Take some time to clear out your medicine cabinet. Round up any expired pills, antacids, laxatives, and cold medicines you might have.

Hotel Sample Sizes

essential oil sprays
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It’s likely that those product samples, such as shampoo, conditioner, perfume, and skincare items you’ve collected from hotels or giveaways, will go unused. Often, they’re just cluttering up space. Consider sorting through your stash to free up room for the full-size products you actually use.

Old Toothbrush

toothbrush scrubbing grout
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What’s the likelihood of you repurposing or reusing that old toothbrush? Probably small. Dental experts suggest swapping out your toothbrush every three to four months. Unless you have intentions of scrubbing grout or buffing your shoes with that old toothbrush, it’s probably best to part ways with it.

Worn Loofahs and Sponges

loofah and sponge
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Sponges and loofahs tend to accumulate bacteria over time. It’s a good idea to swap them out every one to two months or even earlier if you spot mold or detect an off-putting odor. If you’re aiming for a more hygienic bathing routine, consider switching from sponges and poufs to a washcloth that you can wash after each use.

Worn Towels

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It’s time to toss those worn-out towels. The towels have holes and major stains. A good way to gauge whether a towel is worth holding on to is if you’d feel comfortable (or embarrassed) handing it to a guest. If you feel uncomfortable, then it’s time to toss it.

Unused Hair Appliances

hair appliance
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If you’ve got a hair appliance that’s worn or unused, it’s time to consider letting it go. Chances are, you won’t end up using it again, and it’s just occupying unnecessary space. Plus, if it’s broken with a frayed cord, it poses risks of electrical shock and fire hazards.

Bathroom Books and Magazines

books in basket
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Having magazines or books in the bathroom might seem convenient for a quick read. However, it’s worth noting that they can become a haven for germs and mildew. The moisture in bathrooms can cause these reading materials to absorb moisture, leading to wrinkled pages and a decline in the binding quality.

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Expired First Aid Items

first aid kit
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First aid items like rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide do have expiration dates. Once they’re expired, their effectiveness can decrease, and their potency might be compromised due to aging.

Open Feminine Hygiene Products

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If a tampon or feminine hygiene pad is unwrapped, you might want to eliminate it. This opened product may have come into contact with bacteria, lint, and other undesirables you’d rather avoid. The potential risk of an infection just isn’t worth it.

Dried Up Wipes

wet wipes
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It’s not uncommon for us to forget to seal the packaging of the flushable wipes, leading them to dry out. If this happens, it’s a sign that it’s time to dispose of them. Additionally, it’s important to note that despite their labeling, flushable wipes can cause issues for your toilets and drains.

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