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Are you anxious about locating a safe location to reside in your upcoming move to a new city? You’ve undoubtedly heard warnings about unsafe cities, violent crime waves, and growing crime rates if you watch or read the news at all. There will always be scare tactics and warnings about cities you should avoid, regardless of where you reside or whatever political party you align with. In the US, this is undoubtedly accurate. Many individuals have been brought to the verge of frenzy and violent conflict over politics by our two-party system.

The truth about the most dangerous towns in America is surprising. They are not the towns you would expect or where you would think they should be:

Florida City, Florida—Where Sunshine Takes a Break, the Cloudy Reality

18 of the Most Dangerous Small Towns in America
Photo by Sean Pavone via Canva

One would assume that a location this near to Miami would be filled with the sounds of dance music and the aroma of suntan lotion. However, Florida City is dealing with another issue. This area is not all sandy beaches and palm palms, with a high crime rate of 130.4 per 1,000 people. Auto theft and home invasions appear to be the most common crimes committed here.

Kotzebue, Alaska — Cold Crimes in a Colder Place, the Chill Factor

18 of the Most Dangerous Small Towns in America
Photo by cboswell via Depositphotos

It sounds like you might see polar bears playing and the Northern Lights dancing in Kotzebue, Alaska. However, there is a plot twist! Despite the extreme cold, 136 crimes have been committed against every 1,000 inhabitants in this place. The town’s high incidence of infractions involving alcohol has earned it particular notoriety. You might wish to get off Kotzebue as quickly as possible!

Darlington, South Carolina—Race Away From Danger, the Fast & the Spurious

18 of the Most Dangerous Small Towns in America
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You may anticipate hearing the noise of automobile engines and the enthusiastic cheers of spectators at Darlington, South Carolina, which is well-known for its speedway. Hold on, there’s more heart-pounding excitement outside of the racetrack. There are 76.8 crimes for every 1,000 people living in the town. This area has a very high rate of petty theft, so exercise caution!

Selma, Alabama—Where History Meets Modern Problems, the Full Story

18 of the Most Dangerous Small Towns in America
Photo by cboswell via Depositphotos

Most people know Selma, Alabama, due to its famous civil rights marches. However, you won’t discover this location’s contemporary issue in your history textbooks. Selma has an alarmingly high crime rate of 121.6 per 1,000 people, with an abundance of violent crimes such as robberies and assaults. It would take courage to walk any of its streets these days.

Rockford, IL

18 of the Most Dangerous Small Towns in America
photo by benkrut via depositphotos

Situated on Illinois’s northern border with Wisconsin, Rockford is the state’s fifth biggest city. Before most businesses departed the area, increasing unemployment, it was the second-largest furniture maker in the nation and one of the leading industrial cities of the Midwest. Rockford rose to the top of the list of most jobless communities in the US during the 1980s recession. The crime rate increased as a result, as poverty is the leading cause of crime.

Spartanburg, SC

18 of the Most Dangerous Small Towns in America
photo by Kevin via Depositphotos

Violent Crime Rate: 15.2 per 1,000 residents

In the past, Spartanburg was regarded as the center of South Carolina. The city was a crossroads for the South and a thriving industrial hub due to the numerous railroads that connected and crossed it. At one point, the city was home to over forty textile factories. But in the 1950s, these businesses moved out of the town, and the unemployment rate shot through the roof. 

Baltimore, MD

18 of the Most Dangerous Small Towns in America
Photo by Sepavone via Depositphotos

Baltimore, the largest city in Maryland and the thirty-first largest in the US is the first of our great metropolitan regions. Baltimore has had a high crime rate virtually since its founding, but during the 1990s, it has decreased by approximately 60%. Crime has declined in a metropolis with so many people, but it is still an issue. In 2015, Baltimore even instituted a juvenile curfew to keep young people off the streets at night.

Lansing, MI

18 of the Most Dangerous Small Towns in America
Photo by Paulbradyphotos via Depositphotos

Michigan’s capital city is Lansing. With the corporate offices of four national insurance firms located there and several universities and colleges, it is a significant hub for industry and education. With many General Motors headquarters and sites throughout the city, it was, and still is, a key hub for the automobile sector. However, as American auto manufacturing has declined, the city has tried to attract more high-tech businesses and increase its job opportunities.

The Dark Cloud Over Sunny Sauk Village, Illinois

18 of the Most Dangerous Small Towns in America
Photo by Wiszo8 via wikimedia commons

Sauk Village seems like a spot where people can go on picnics and even kite fly. Well, not quite so quickly. This little Illinois town had an astounding 75.3 crimes committed against every 1,000 citizens. This is one of those places where you can’t leave your apple pie cooling on the window sill due to the high rate of attacks and break-ins.

Opa Locka, Florida and Its Alligator-Sized Issues

18 of the Most Dangerous Small Towns in America
Photo by Ebyabe via wikimedia commons

You may assume that beaches and sunlight are the main draws of Opa Locka, Florida. I’m sorry to break your bubble. Crime—which has a rate of 112.5 per 1,000 people—is more likely to burn you than the sun. This location is a playground for wrongdoers, from thefts to burglaries.

Ocean City, Maryland, Where Not All Waves Are Friendly

18 of the Most Dangerous Small Towns in America
Photo by christianhinkle via Depositphotos

Who wouldn’t want to visit Maryland’s Ocean City? You, most likely, after learning that are 145 crimes committed there for every 1,000 people. What, then, is the major issue? Vandalism and break-ins, that’s what! If you go to Ocean City, you can encounter something different than a wave.

Emeryville, California Steals More Than Your Heart

18 of the Most Dangerous Small Towns in America
Photo by Wirestock via Depositphotos

Emeryville, California, seems like the place you’d go to enjoy a day in the sun and perhaps play beach volleyball. However, be careful with your surfboard—the city has a 169.8 crime rate per 1,000 people. This is one beach party you don’t want to be invited to due to the high rates of assaults and property crime.

Robstown, TX

18 of the Most Dangerous Small Towns in America
Photo by Larry D Moore via Wikimedia commons

Based on the most recent FBI statistics, Robstown, Texas, experienced 202 violent crimes in all, making it a very “action-packed” year. This tiny town, home to only 11,500 people, appears to know how to keep things “exciting.” Remember that crime may appear everywhere, even in the smallest corners of our planet!

Lumberton, North Carolina

18 of the Most Dangerous Small Towns in America
Photo by felixtm via Depositphotos

Adversity is present in Lumberton, North Carolina, a tiny town of around 21,700 residents. According to the latest FBI statistics, 393 violent crimes were registered in the municipality within one year. Notwithstanding the neighborhood’s difficulties, some people work nonstop to improve safety and welcomeness for everyone there. 

Anniston, Alabama

18 of the Most Dangerous Small Towns in America
Photo by wirestock via Depositphotos

Fun fact: Anniston, Alabama, was founded in 1872 and has a long history of producing textiles and metal goods. With 735 recorded cases of violent crime annually, the city is today confronted with a formidable task. We pray for everyone’s safety and well-being. 

Oakwood, Georgia—No Walk in the Woods, the Thicket of Trouble

18 of the Most Dangerous Small Towns in America
Photo by Thompson200 via wikimedia commons

It sounds like a peaceful haven where you may take nature hikes and take in the quiet wildness of Oakwood, Georgia. But hold on! This town has more shoplifters than oak trees, with a crime rate of 82.5 per 1,000 citizens. Oakwood is a place where you should hang tightly on your picnic baskets because of theft and burglary.

West Memphis, Arkansas

18 of the Most Dangerous Small Towns in America
Photo by Thomas R via Wikimedia Commons

The population of West Memphis, which is in Arkansas’s Crittenden County, is little less than 25,000. Regrettably, violent crime rates in the city have significantly increased in recent years. Four hundred sixty-three violent crime occurrences, including killings, robberies, and assaults, were reported in the town in 2019. These figures are alarming, and steps must be taken to guarantee the protection and safety of West Memphis citizens. 

Bethel, Alaska Isn’t Your Ideal Winter Wonderland

18 of the Most Dangerous Small Towns in America
Photo by holy trinity via Wikimedia Commons

You would imagine it’s a winter wonderland, given its reputation for frozen landscapes and snowy roofs, right? Those who fight snowballs slow down! You might be better off creating snowmen somewhere less frigid and dangerous, as the crime rate in this area is 121.1 per 1,000 people. Given the frequency of crimes involving alcohol and domestic problems, you should turn a cold shoulder on this one.

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