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Kansas City is the home of the Chiefs, some of the best BBQs in the country, and lively jazz. You’d be surprised that it’s also a thriving spot for thrift shoppers.

I had the pleasure of exploring some of the best thrift stores across this vibrant city, from Old Westport to downtown, and I was amazed at what I found.

I had the chance to visit some of these thrift stores while visiting Kansas and fell in love. Here are my top picks for the best thrift stores in Kansas City.

1. Clothz Minded

4115 Pennsylvania Ave. Kansas City, MO


As soon as you step into Clothz Minded, you’re greeted by a lush giant fig plant and an impressive collection of trendy women’s clothing. The owner’s warm and welcoming demeanor enhances the shopping experience.

The store is clean, well-organized, and caters to the modern millennial woman. Look out for their pop-up events featuring children’s clothing, among other items. With reasonable prices and a vast selection, Clothz Minded is a must-visit in Kansas City.

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2. Wonderland

307-309 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO


This beautiful thrift store stands out with its eclectic collection. Unique jewelry is displayed on pieces of gaming cards, adding a whimsical touch. The staff’s spunky and helpful attitude makes shopping here tons of fun, and you’re sure to find some truly unique items.

3. Arizona Trading Company

209 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO


Step into a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere at the Arizona Trading Company. They offer an excellent selection of men’s and women’s clothing, especially known for their fantastic jeans from hip brands.

The highlight is their $1 section, where the prices are unbeatable. The store is clean and well-stocked, and the staff are incredibly welcoming. It’s almost impossible to leave without finding something you love.

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4. Boomerang

3900 Pennsylvania Ave, Kansas City, MO

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Boomerang Thrift Store is excellent for those who love vintage and costume attire. Their rental section is perfect for finding a unique outfit for special events like prom, costume parties, etc. I was fascinated by their range of styles from the 1940s to the 1980s, each piece telling its own story.

The store’s charming atmosphere and helpful staff made it easy to lose track of time browsing through their collections.

5. River Market Antiques

115 W 5th St, Kansas City, MO


River Market Antiques, nestled in the River Market District, is a paradise for collectors and casual browsers alike. With over 100 dealers, the 30,000 sq. ft. space offers everything from antique furniture to exquisite jewelry.

When you visit this thrift store, set aside plenty of time. You’ll likely spend hours exploring the aisles, captivated by the diverse selection and rich history of the items. This store is a must-visit for anyone looking for something truly unique.

6. It’s A Beautiful Day

3918 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City, MO


As you enter It’s A Beautiful Day, the familiar scent of incense welcomes you. This family-owned and operated store combines a record shop with a hippie boutique, offering everything from tie-dye shirts to funky, beautiful art.

The selection includes records, incense, colorful clothing, beautifully designed jackets, tops, pants, and various accessories – each with a unique style and look. It’s easy to spend hours here and still not see everything. Make sure to visit It’s a Beautiful Day when in Kansas City.


7. Troost39 Thrift Store

3922 Troost Avenue, Kansas City, MO

Troost39 is more than just a thrift store; it’s a community hub with a focus on quality and unique finds. From vintage fur coats to essential kitchen items, the selection is diverse and well-priced.

The friendly atmosphere and community-oriented approach make shopping here a heartwarming experience. I especially appreciated the variety of paintings and the stories behind each item.

8. Goodwill

1800 N. Corrington Ave, Kansas City, MO

This national thrift store is a must-visit. The departments dedicated to clothing, home goods, electronics, and books are well-organized and full of surprises.

By shopping at Goodwill, you not only have the chance to find fantastic deals and unique items, but you also contribute to their mission of empowering individuals and strengthening communities through employment and job training programs.

9. The Hillcrest Thrift Shop

6501 N Cosby Ave, Kansas City, MO

The Hillcrest Thrift Shop does more than sell high-quality second-hand items—it supports a vital mission to help those experiencing homelessness.

Located in Hawthorne Picture Hills, the store offers a wide range of items, from furniture to books, all while funding programs for the working homeless. Shopping here feels like contributing to a greater cause, and the quality of the items is exceptional.


10. Do Good Co.

413 E 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108

Do Good Co. captures what thrift shopping should be about – quality, community, and cause. The vintage clothing and accessories are high-quality and support KidsTLC and Wayside Waifs.

The store’s warm, charming atmosphere positively impacts the community, making every purchase meaningful.

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