For some of us, the bathroom is our private sanctuary and our safe haven. It’s our place of calm and perhaps the one place where we can get the most alone time – away from the screaming kids and the significant other. However, it may be an eclectic mix of styles and eras and is in dire need of a quick refresh.

If your rental bathroom is in desperate need of a change, check out these 12 renter friendly bathroom makeover ideas you can implement today to create that perfect sanctuary.

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1. Time to bring on the textiles

As basic as this might seem, textiles can do wonders for a rental bathroom – from changing the shower curtain to swapping out the bathroom rugs. Don’t be afraid to go bold by incorporating bright orange, yellow, earthy green, or other unique patterned designs for the shower curtain and the new rug. Your small bathroom will thank you for lifting its spirits with these delightful and tasteful colors.

bathroom curtain

2. Replace the showerhead

Changing the showerhead may sound challenging to do on your own, but I promise you, you don’t need a plumber to make this simple change. A new showerhead can make a big difference in both looks and functionality. A new showerhead can improve the shower experience as well as relieve body aches and pains.

I personally love this high-pressure dual showerhead that’s super modern and easy to install. You can also install this showerhead on your own without hiring a plumber.

Alternatively, if you decide not to replace shower head, cleaning the shower head can bring it back to life.

3. Jazz it up with removable wallpaper

The optimal word here is “removable.” This means that anything you do to your current rental bathroom must be easily removed or put back to its original condition. Removable wallpaper is great for rental apartment bathrooms because you can effortlessly stick wallpaper to a designated wall for a quick small bathroom makeover. Much easier than a fresh coat of paint.

Removable wallpaper will jazz up the rental bathroom, give it the wow factor, and remove all evidence of the people who used the bathroom before you. And once you are ready to move out, you can just remove this temporary wallpaper.

removable wallpaper in bathroom

4. Yes, to floor stickers

Just like wallpaper, peel-and-stick floor stickers are temporary and can be easily removed. Floor tiles will make your rental bathroom look like you just finished a complete gut renovation. It’s a tiny change but this small bathroom makeover will make a huge difference and a big impact.

Floor tiles are excellent for covering up old bathroom tiles, including subway tile and ceramic tile. And don’t worry, they are very durable and easy to clean. So what are you waiting for? Cover up that unsightly floor and choose from a wide array of peel-and-stick floor tiles ranging from geometric and contemporary styles to a black and white bold design.

5. Liven it up with greenery

I love Greenery. Greenery can add so much life to rental apartments. So liven up your dull rental bathroom with fresh new greenery. Go with a plant that can withstand humidity and require limited sun or lighting exposure. If natural plants aren’t your thing, try realistic-looking, fake plants. Some of these artificial plants look so real there’s no way anyone will be able to tell the difference.

bathroom with greenery

6. Update the vanity mirror

Your rental bathroom likely has that dreaded built-in medicine cabinet that doubles as a mirror. Well, it’s time to update that ancient thing and add a new circle, oval or square mirror in gold or black to help modernize the space. A new mirror will also give your small bathroom a more spacious look and make the room feel bigger – especially in small spaces.

7. Replace the light fixture

Wouldn’t it be nice to get the right amount of lighting you want and need for all your makeup and facial needs? Swapping out the light fixtures would give you exactly that. There’s no need to continue suffering from bad lighting. Most standard bathrooms come with enough lighting for you to see just enough to take care of your bathroom needs.

This is your opportunity to create the space you want with the right lighting to take care of your needs, including makeup application, blemish treatment, or not to mention mood setting.

8. Switch out the hardware

Compliment your new modern mirror by swapping out your rental bathroom hardware. Changing the original hardware in your bathroom is a quick and easy way to get an instant update to your big or small bathroom. You can change the bathroom vanity handles, toilet paper holder, towel holder, or even the sink faucet. Go with gold, matte black finish or oil-rubbed bronze finish for the new hardware to help modernize the rental bathroom and go beyond current trends.

updated bathroom with matte black hardware

9. Draw attention to wall art

Beautiful artwork can make your space come alive without a full rental bathroom makeover. So add a couple of contemporary paintings that illustrate your stylish taste or design a gallery wall curated just for you and by you.

10. Add extra storage

I genuinely believe that you can never have enough storage. As a matter of fact, there’s no such thing as too much storage. Storage will keep your rental bathroom tidy and clutter-free. Try adding over-the-toilet storage, over-the-door storage, floating shelves, a wall-mounted cabinet, or pretty baskets in a variety of styles.

I am a big fan of this slim storage unit from Amazon, which can seamlessly fit into any tight corner, but it’s packed with essential storage to fit all your bathroom needs.

bathroom basket storage

11. Upgrade the countertop

Contact paper is a great and inexpensive way to give your bathroom countertop a facelift. Contact paper comes in a variety of styles and colors, from wood grain to faux tile and marble. And the best part is that it will hold up over time with regular wear and tear that comes with water, heat, and humidity in a bathroom. And all you have to do is peel and stick to install.

12. Display plush towels on a ladder

This one is simple, but it will make a world of difference in the feel of the space. Grab some plush white or grey new towels from Target and display them on a towel or blanket ladder. This is a great way to add functionality and style to your own bathroom. Plush towels also feel good after a long day and a long shower.

towels on ladder

Pro Tip – Before you start these renter-friendly makeovers, try to:

  • Take pictures of the before and after of the bath area. You want to know exactly what you removed and how to put it back. You don’t want to risk losing your deposit.
  • Find a central space to store everything, as all the items you removed must be returned to how they were initially. I recommend keeping it under the bed, in a living room closet, or in a cabinet so that you can easily find it when you are ready to move out.


So there you have it – a good rental bathroom makeover with thoughtful, impermanent upgrades. These temporary upgrades will make a noticeable difference in your big or small bathroom space. No more dated floors, low-pressure showers, and ill-matched fixtures. Now it’s time for you to take these ideas, transform your bathroom, and make your rental feel like home with this brand new look.

Bathroom makeovers can be fun! It also gives you an opportunity to showcase your personality and personal style. No need to ask for permission or landlord approval, as the most important part about all these rental bathroom makeover ideas is that they’re reversible and will last until your lease ends.

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  1. Great article! Thanks for sharing this.. Renter friendly bathroom makeovers can transform a plain or outdated space into a more stylish and functional one without breaking the lease agreement. Simple upgrades like adding a colorful shower curtain, new towels, or a decorative mirror can make a big impact. Other renter-friendly options include peel-and-stick wallpaper, adhesive tiles, and removable wall decals to add personality without damaging surfaces. It’s also important to consider storage solutions, such as over-the-toilet organizers or floating shelves, to keep the space clutter-free. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, renters can give their bathroom a fresh new look without making permanent changes.

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