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Dogs are gregarious, obedient animals who like pleasing their owners. They provide us with a reason to be physically active and actively assist in lowering stress and anxiety, in addition to offering companionship. But having a dog involves more than simply play and enjoyment. Having a dog is a responsibility that should be carefully considered! 

Dogs have some characteristics that they detest about their owners, even if they do not loathe their people. Dogs can be entirely irritated by us due to our behavior, even though they are our most excellent companions and have a strong feeling of devotion towards us. 

Disregarding their Boundaries 

18 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate So Bad
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Dogs value their privacy and feel a sense of personal space, just like people do. When others enter this area, especially those they don’t know or trust, they tend to object. Giving your dog an intense hug or showing them excessive affection might irritate them and make them act out violently. Some dogs could even object to their owners, nuzzling and stroking their faces. Therefore, it is advisable to show them respect and be understanding of their personal space.


18 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate So Bad
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One of the biggest things that dogs detest about human behavior is yelling. Yelling at your dog—or anybody else, for that matter—can make them extremely afraid or even agitated. Even your dog dislikes being screamed at. For this reason, it’s crucial to remember not to talk too loudly when your dog is around. If you are correcting your dog by shouting, you could discover that it is far simpler to discipline your dog when they look forward to goodies than when they are afraid of your displeasure.

Strong Fragrances

18 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate So Bad
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Dogs’ sense of smell is quite keen. Compared to our sense of smell, theirs is 10,000–100,000 times more potent. Dogs can detect objects and even people by using their sense of smell. For this reason, we frequently notice them smelling objects wherever they go. The drawback of having such a keen sense of smell is that strong fragrances and other strong odors may often be overbearing and irritate our dogs.

Therefore, while your pets are not around, use air fresheners, deodorants, hairsprays, and other odors as pet owners.

Making them Feel Ignored 

18 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate So Bad
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As previously established, dogs are social animals. This explains why they detest being ignored or left alone. Dogs are social animals who need human company, so leaving them alone for extended periods can make them anxious or even panic. Even if you can’t always be with your dog, you should make time for them regularly. Prolonged playtimes, strolls, and kind touches can significantly contribute to their sense of uniqueness.

Additionally, you should consider bringing them to dog-friendly restaurants and cafés whenever you can. You may also want to enroll them in a canine daycare facility or hire a dog sitter when you are away from home if no one is home to watch them while you are at work.

Changes in their Routine

18 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate So Bad
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Dogs adore consistency. They like it when their owner gives them some structure and regularity. They feel more at ease when you feed them at specific times and take them for planned walks and play dates. Not only would staying up late at night disrupt their pattern, but it might also result in unfavorable behavior, as an abrupt shift in playtime or feeding times could make them misbehave.

Forcing them to Interact with Dogs and People they Don’t Like

18 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate So Bad
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dogs have a list of people they like and loathe, much like humans. They become agitated when forced to play or engage with dogs they do not get along with, and they may even act out by biting the other dog or barking excessively. A dog cannot be made to like or detest someone by force. Therefore, it is not a good idea to force your dog to interact with other dogs or people they don’t like to make them uncomfortable.

Not Allowing them to Smell and Explore on Walks.

18 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate So Bad
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When they go on walks, dogs like exploring new places. They prefer to spend time sniffing the items they come across on their travels in order to form associations with them since they recognize objects more by scent than by sight. You deny your dog the chance to acknowledge objects if you put them on an excessively tight leash, preventing them from exploring or looking about. You also deprive them of their sense of freedom by placing them on a short leash and preventing them from exploring their surroundings. You’ll see your dog pleased when you allow them to explore slowly.

Dressing them Up

18 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate So Bad
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One of the things people do that dogs detest is making them wear odd clothes and outfits. Although we think dressed-up dogs are attractive, dressing up dogs is not a natural behavior for them. They get uncomfortable when dressed, which frequently limits their mobility. To make matters worse, when humans dress up dogs, they often feel ashamed. Some dogs might put up with dressing up, but they do not love it.

Blowing in their Faces

18 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate So Bad
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Blowing on your dog’s face hurts and makes it uncomfortable. It might also make it highly defensive, resulting in canine bite aggression. Dogs’ faces are far more sensitive than people’s, so they cringe when someone blows in their face without warning.

Interrupting their Sleep

18 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate So Bad
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Like us, dogs dislike being startled out of a deep slumber. Compared to younger dogs, older dogs, in particular, slumber deeper and may not hear footsteps coming. They could act out if you suddenly poke them on the back to rouse them because you caught them off guard. Instead of waking them up suddenly, we should strive to let them wake up naturally. Establishing a schedule and structure for them might help them wake up on schedule and avoid the need for you to jolt them awake.

Hugging Your Dog

18 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate So Bad
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Most dogs detest hugs, even if you might like throwing your arms around a fluffy dog companion. If a dog puts its foreleg or paw on another dog’s back, it is seen as a sign of dominance rather than the support and companionship that this move conveys among monkeys. 

 If you want to know if your dog detests hugs, observe her body language when you cuddle her. Does she become tense? She tilted her head away from you. Does she avoid making eye contact? Taste her lips? Close her mouth? Reposition her ears against her head? These are all indications of discomfort in dogs. Use these cues the next time you feel like giving someone a hug to determine whether or not your dog is okay with it.

Conflicting Body Language

18 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate So Bad
Photo by Petra Richli via Canva

Dogs learn orders best when brief and consistent; nevertheless, they may become dissatisfied if you use more words than actions. Dogs can comprehend some human words but are far better at reading hand signals and body language. To make training easier, employ hand gestures that correlate with the commands rather than remaining still when providing them.

Touching Their Feet

18 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate So Bad
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It’s not only your dog’s face that you should refrain from touching. Dogs may be reluctant to get their nails trimmed since they have sensitive feet and nails. While giving them regular nail trims might make them feel more at ease during grooming sessions, you shouldn’t hold their paws or playfully touch their nails.

Keeping the Leash Tight

18 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate So Bad
Photo by Gajus via Canva

I think we’ve all occasionally tightened our pets’ leashes. To keep your dog out of trouble, you can pull the leash if you observe a dog, human, or squirrel going by. Even with a leash, dogs are nonetheless able to sense strain. A dog may become frightened if it senses that you are tense or nervous from a tight leash. Therefore, practicing walking on a loose leash is a terrific approach to making walks more enjoyable for you both.

Forcing Them into Scary Situations

18 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate So Bad
Photo by Bogdan via canva

Forcing your dog to “face her fear”—be it of the vacuum, a specific person, or a location (like the vet!)—is ineffective and may even backfire. 

 It is ideal to gently introduce the stimulus to the dog at a distance that she finds comfortable, to praise her for her composure, and to progressively bring her closer as she becomes accustomed to the “trigger.” (These fantastic strategies, which work with various stimuli, can help peacefully apprehensive or scared dogs ride in the automobile.) 

Seeing You in A Bad Mood

18 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate So Bad
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It bothers you when your dog is sad, and it bothers your dog when you are unhappy. Regardless of your emotions—angry, depressed, or stressed—your dog is aware of them! If sunlight breaks through a cloudy spell, she might take on your feelings and perhaps become physically unwell. Everyone has terrible days sometimes, but fortunately, dogs make us happy, so it’s difficult to stay sad for a very long time while they’re around.

Dogs Dislike Being Surrendered to A Shelter

18 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate So Bad
Photo by astakova via Canva

When beloved families abandon their dogs, the dogs experience extreme heartbreak. Envision being ejected from your house and without knowing why you’re unwanted. 

 If you’re reading this, you must love dogs like us. We can’t fathom giving our puppies such a destiny, but because we have compassion for these incredible creatures, we value our dogs and even assist others who need homes! 

Teasing Your Dog

18 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate So Bad
Photo by Gerrit Bos via Canva

Numerous videos of people making fun of pets have gone viral. It’s entertaining for people to pretend to throw a ball, dangle food in dogs’ faces, or bark at dogs. Dogs, more than anything else, find the majority of these “jokes” obnoxious and not at all humorous. Your dog may experience behavioral issues if they receive too much taunting.

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