6 Home Decor Items to Purchase Used To Spruce Up Your Home

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Decorating can be fun, but it can also be costly. A good way to counter this expense is by shopping at a thrift store near you. Thrift stores often sell items for less than half their original value – giving you much bang for your buck. There’s always an opportunity to discover unique finds while thrifting, encouraging you to think outside the box and embrace creativity. 

Here are six home items you should always buy second-hand when decorating on a budget

  1. LampsLamps come in all shapes and sizes – table top, standing, wide or slim. Lamps made an excellent addition to any room. They help to accessorize and decorate a space. Whether on a nightstand or office desk, lamps can add character to your space.
  2. Picture Frames – Picture frames can be found in abundance at thrift stores. Prices typically range from $.50 and up. I have discovered high-quality frames at thrift stores that have held up for years. 
  3. Books – I love a good book. Books can add so much personality and style to your space. Although sometimes worn, Books are plentiful at local thrift shops. I love adding new books to my bookshelves. And I especially like to pair them with a lovely art piece, vase, picture frame, or figurine. 
  4. Dresser – Furniture made today often lacks quality. Most require assembly, which can be time-consuming. Unfortunately, most do not last the test of time. At a thrift stop, it’s easy to find used and vintage dressers in various design styles. Most can be refinished, painted, or stripped to revive its life. My go-to is solid wood dressers. Solid wood holds up forever. You can spend anywhere from $10-$100 on a good dresser in Goodwill or Salvation Army. 
  5. Vases – Vases are incredibly versatile and can be used to store fresh flowers. You can even display it as an accent piece or upcycle and turn it into something special. 
  6. Storage Baskets – Baskets are great for storage, and they also make great decorative statement pieces for any room. You can leave it in the hallway or the foyer to store shoes and blankets. 

These 6 home decor items are best purchased used – and no one will ever know unless you tell them. 

What are some of your favorite items to purchase used? Drop a note below to let us know. 

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